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Immortal Sword ReturnDownload to get SSR gears!

Phenomenal armors, potent weapons, elegant gems, beguiling pets, and effulgence costumes await you! To take you to the next level!

Immortal Sword: Return is an MMORPG with an oriental fantasy theme.

Brand New Open World RPG with Sublime Story Background.
Spectacular plots are waiting for you, vast Fairylands to explore; battles to fight; Attractive characters to play. Start your adventure right away!

Five Classes and Charming outfits. Primp yourself up
Five distinct classes with disparate attributes are for your choices. From captivating to honorable, try to dress yourself up in freewheeling ways with pervasive outfits to be conspicuous externally.

Fancy Skills &BOSS Battles
Melee or ranged, physical or spell attack, AOE or single damage, these dazzling and striking power are helpful in divine battles. Brave warriors will punish the vicious Bosses!

Log in daily for valuable rewards!
By logging into the game and completing daily requests, you can receive gradually stacked-up rewards! These rewards are easily accessible. And they play an imperative role in the characters’ upgrades!

Rapid Cultivation. Increase the combat power within a few days
You can be mighty by completing quests, passing the dungeons, and eliminating the World Boss.

Immortal Sword Return user reviews :

This is a very casual game that only requires input for boss fights. The graphics are lovely, and if you read fast enough, some of the story is very interesting. It would be better if you could turn off the auto-complete, and the purchase feature is glitchy as heck… but if you like a game that lets you set and forget for a little while it’s great. You can acquire the purchased currency slowly, so if you’re patient you’ll eventually get things. Not for everyone.

It’s a good game reminds me of another game, the graphics semi okay. But you have to read very quickly and the alto play is a nightmare as it doesn’t turn off, plus it’s gets in the away when your trying to equip your character which makes it difficult. In whole the game needs improving alot compared to the others out there.

Thirty minutes in and I’m on level 99…all thanks to Auto-Play. I’ve barely had to interact with the “game” because it plays itself for over half an hour. This is less like a game and more like a slightly interactive CG anime. That is a MAJOR drawback. While this has potential because the character graphics are beautiful, the plot needs a bit of work, the English grammar needs to be double-checked, and the screen is cluttered. In some places info is covered up by permanent notifications.

Just started. Like all games this type. It’s fast and hard to follow at first. Hopefully when the pace slows down it will show its game play. The graphics are great, it’s easy to see that it will continue to be playable. Even paid the first top up. ( only the 0.99 one.) I’ll send update review after playing for 2 or 3 days.

Up to the point the game asks for a review, it plays itself while running through story that is hard to follow (translation + autoplay means I don’t know what I missed). I have no idea what the gameplay actually is; it autoed through everything, including the introduction of dozens of gameplay elements. Not a good start, especially since at one point it unlocked free VIP, that expired while the game was still playing itself. Worth spending time or money? I have no way to know.

Beautifully designed with a great plot. There is the main stream menu that drives the gameplay. Also there’s the side screen panels that takes away from the visual when using Android or smaller screened devices. The overhead titles also gets in the way. So bear all these things in mind…. still a great MMORPG

So far pretty nice game. Great graphics, nice(not great could use work)story line, auto play setting is easy enough to turn off. Once I’ve been playing longer I’ll revised option if needed. So been on game for a few days and so far I’m really enjoying a stress free server.

Seems like a decent game. However, I agree with everyone that said the autoplay function makes it difficult to upgrade and claim rewards, as the game just runs over any commands you give. Try to claim a reward and a dialog screen quickly appears and the reward times out.

Love this game but it a bit aggravating because in order to get the good looking gear, pets, mounts, and wings you have to spend money IRL. It’s kinda a bummer sorry hope you can add more opportunities to get that with out having to pay money. Hope you read this and try to create more opportunities for players like me to get this kind of gear in game. Hope you fix this

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