Jigsawscapes – Good time killer for all ages

[Game] Jigsawscapes – Jigsaw Puzzles

JigsawscapesJigsawscapes is a welcomed and addictive jigsaw puzzle game for adults on Google Play Store.

Get free jigsaw puzzles for your android phone and tablet and play puzzle games to train your brain and get relaxed! It’s good for your brain, logical thinking and memory. Jigsawscapes is a good time killer for all ages.

With 20000+ jigsaw puzzles for free and 100+ new puzzle games free weekly, our game is designed for beginners and advanced players at the same time.

Jigsawscapes – Jigsaw puzzle games free for adults have no missing pieces. You can choose difficulties by selecting the number of pieces. Our jigsaw puzzle game is like real jigsaw puzzles, including photo puzzle games and art picture puzzle games. We offer 30+ categories like animals, sceneries, food etc..

Key Features

No missing pieces jigsaws: Finish every jigsaws HD puzzle as you want because there are no missing pieces at all.
Daily free jigsaw puzzle games – Complete Daily puzzles and collect trophies.
Categories: We offer over 30 categories, including natural, animals, food, sceneries, houses, plants, landmarks etc.. You can choose whatever you want.
Choose difficulty: Choose how to play your HD jigsaw puzzle for each puzzle by choosing the number of pieces. So not only jigsaw puzzles for adults, all the puzzles are the jigsaw puzzles for kids, girls and boys at the same time.
Rotate Mode: Rotate pieces to finish the puzzles
Classic jigsaw: classic jigsaw shapes.
My Puzzle Collection: Collect all the free puzzle games you have started or finished all in one place. You can play jigsaw puzzles offline in the collection without internet connection.
Achievement System: See the puzzles in progress and resume whenever you want.
jigsaw HD pictures:All pictures are high definition and colorful. It’s not just a puzzle but also a feast to your eyes.
Custom background: Play the free jigsaw puzzle games against the background you like.
Zoom in and zoom out: By zooming in and out you can easily solve the puzzles.
Jigsawscapes Plus: subscribe to unlock all daily pics and remove all ads.

Our jigsaw puzzle game free app Jigsawscapes has an intuitive interface, easy control, clear layout and well balanced difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players. It’s not only a good time killer but also trains your brain and helps you get relaxed.

Jigsaw puzzle is a classic puzzle people have been playing for hundreds of years. Everybody should play the game for their mind and brain.

If you have any idea or question for our game, please send us emails at jigsaw-support[at]dailyinnovation.biz.

Enjoy our fun free jigsaw puzzles game now!

Jigsawscapes user reviews :

It is probably the best free puzzle app out there. Had to uninstall and reinstall once due to advertisements crashing the app and it would no longer start. Even with that, the ads are after you complete a puzzle, which is appropriate. All other apps have ads multiple times throughout the puzzle, which makes for a terrible gaming experience, and uninstalled all but this one. Good selection of puzzle choices and number of pieces to start with. Besides the one glitch, great app.

  • Really thanks for your feedback! Could you please send us more details about these ads(like screenshots)? We will definitely try our best to block them. After 5 seconds since the beginning of a video ad, you’ll find an option in the top left corner to “skip” it. (jigsaw-support[at]dailyinnovation.biz)

I really enjoy these puzzles outside of one issue. Sometimes the puzzle pieces aren’t completely mixed up and randomly presented to choose from at the bottom. Just today three pieces that all connected to each other appeared directly side by side and that kind of ruins the challenge of matching them. It happens a lot too. Please make sure that the pieces are really mixed up well within the area below to be selected.

Nice app, great pictures and the option to choose how challenging you want it to be but I can only give it 3 stars at the moment because it cannot be played in public due to the fact MOST of the ads cannot be muted and they are obnoxiously LOUD. Almost all the ads require you to tap around the corner to get the fast forward to appear which usually ends up opening play store…ads should have the “x” right there as soon as 5seconds have passed and no second screen where you have to click X again

  • Thanks for your feedback. Sorry for the trouble, but ads’ voice is controlled by ad sponsor. After 5 seconds since the beginning of a video ad, you’ll find an option on the top left to “skip” it. You can also click to enter the settings menu, in the first column of the settings page -“upgrade to Jigsawscapes Plus“, to remove all the ads.

Gorgeous photos and artwork. Relaxing and just as much of a challenge as you want it to be. Don’t worry about the ads, they only show up in between puzzles and are easily shortened with the “skip” button. And be sure to hit the “share” button to export each finished puzzle to your personal photo cloud so you don’t lose your collection. Also, if you really don’t want ads it works fine in airplane mode, which explains the large app size. I’m happy I tried it, it’s beautiful.

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