Jump Ball Quest – Enjoy the thriling moment

[Game] Jump Ball Quest

Jump Ball Quest  Avoid obstacles by moving your ball left and right and enjoy the thriling moment!


Jump ballquest provides you the most simple but the best entertainment!
Stars that You earn trough every stage can be exchanged into game gold!
Every one can enjoy Jump ballquest with simple controls.
Tons of levels and stages with various obstacles
Various in-game items that will support your game play (block installation item, obstacle neutralizing item)
Multi-play supported
Achievement, Leader board supported
16 languages supported
Make your own map and play it with your friends! (Stage map edit tool supported)




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Jump Ball Quest user reviews :

i have a few suggestions for this game: 1- make the Map Editor larger; the campaign maps (offline levels) are a lot bigger than the Map Editor, so it would be really cool if the Map Editor was larger in the next update 2- Add a chat system; That would also be nice to add in the game, so we can talk to each other, and share our maps 3- Fix the Map Editor name filter; Most names from maps can be censored, even though they aren’t bad words, which is totally broken. (And add spaces to the names)

This is a fun game, but it would freeze after playing it for awhile. Even tried reinstalling the app.

This game is fun for the first like 50 levels then it just gets hard. I HAVE BEEN STUCK ON LEVEL 100 FOR THREE DAYS. I have thought about deleting but I can’t because this game is addictive. But I hate it. But also is worth 5 stars. I just don’t think your supposed to make it to level 600 bit I’m gonna try. I won’t enjoy it but I’m gonna try. Looked fun night delete later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also when you have the clip through walls thing it only works 50% of the time. Please put in an activation button

The level editor and everything overall is awesome in this game, and will keep you busy for a long time! I loved this game a lot!

I like the game. Its 100% accurate. But the only thing i hate about it, is that i can’t add spaces and stuff. I like the controls, i love the graphics , i like the gameplayits still five star and amazing. You sould downlad it. It has 1 million downloads and 7664 5 star raters. THATS AMAZING. PEPOLE MUST HAVE THIS ITS THE #1 APP (in opinion) and theres a multipayer mode?! THIS IS EPIC. THERE IS PROPLY NEAR 2 MILLION DOWNLOADS

I like balls,so i just instaled jump ball quest, But,thers a problemo…It dosent work propely all the time i play it,so i added a new trick:1) uninstal it 2)enter google play And 3)instal it again Se ya

Levels are fun and its a good idea even with it not being yours. The part where this game fails is that it was developed and coded by 2 year olds. You guys must not have playtested at all because almost every extra mechanic you have added in up to the point where I’m at is hard if not impossible to use. The 2 that stand out the worst are the dash feature and the block that shoots you. The dash barely works and the block drops you for every tiny little input including past ones to get on it.

(1) the game is not impossible in any way i personally like how challenging it is, since im at level 530 at the moment (2) online levels are levels made by players, but tbh most of them are lame, so i managed to find 1 creator, who actually makes hard levels, like SilentDemon & BurningAsh but levels like those are really hard to find, so i would like if you add level difficulties (3) For some reason i cant access the multiplayer, i would love if somone could explain what im doing wrong

This is my favorite mobile game ever. The design is simple but the new objects added every 20 levels keeps it interesting, it’s challenging but doesn’t ramp up in difficulty to fast, and there are so many levels so you can keep playing forever.

I like the levels and the level creator but the way you can only use names that nobody has taken yet is the problem. Should be a way to use the same name for a level that was already taken again for other creators. There is also a bug where the ball will spawn above the starting flag

At first i was going to give this a 4/5 because the platforms which make the ball move were hard for me to use. I eventually got the hang of it and the game is really good for my old device. I recommend installing this game.

I love the game because There is EDIT MODE in the game so I can make my own maps with is cool because other apps don’t have that so thank you for putting EDIT MODE so I can make a timeline of my Jump ball Quest!

Best game i have ever played

I love ittttt


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