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[Game] KOF Survival City

KOF Survival CityGather fighters and defeat the afflicted and the NESTS organization!

A world conquered by NESTS.
In many places around the city, cyborgs and the afflicted are ruining the world with violence.

We’re running short of resources and people to confront them.
Join together with other fighters and free as many cities as possible!

In a world full of chaos and disorder,
trust in your fists and companions are all you have…

Rescue survivors from buildings captured by the afflicted and secure areas around your base one by one.
Construct a fighter base that will save humanity from the NESTS’ threat!

Recruit various fighters in the KOF series and construct buildings in the base.
Merge fighters to make them stronger and merge buildings to upgrade them.

Experience awesome fighter moves, strategic battles, and fierce competition using your units.
Join large-scale multiplayer battles against the NESTS’ army!

The more companions, the better.
Form alliances, cooperate strategically, and survive in a world filled with violence.
Join forces with others and bring down the forces that threaten your companions!

Customer Support: kof_en[at]joycity.oqupie.com
Privacy Policy: policy.joycity.com/en/privacy
Service Policy: policy.joycity.com/en/policy

App Permissions
Mandatory Permissions

Optional Permissions
1. Camera, Storage
Access to the camera, photos, media, and file permission are needed when players registers/changes the profile picture and when players wish to attach files for 1:1 customer service inquiries.
However, if players send their 1:1 customer service inquiries through the in-game web browser, there may be a separate request for permission from the browser.
In such cases, permission for photo, media, and file may not be requested in-game.
Optional permissions are not necessary, but denying them may limit some functions.

How to Withdraw App Permissions
Android OS with versions older than 6.0 does not allow the user to allow or deny permissions because installing an App automatically allows all permissions.
Therefore, upgrading the mobile device’s OS to Android OS versions 6.0 or later via software update is recommended.
Also, since any previously allowed permissions will not be automatically withdrawn after the update, it is recommended that you reinstall the game to readjust the permission settings.

Android 6.0 or Later
1. Withdrawing by Permission Type
Device Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Select Category > Select App > Allow or deny

2. Withdrawing by App
Device Settings > Apps > Select App > Permission > Select category > Allow or deny

Android OS Older than 6.0
Due to the limitations of the OS, you can only delete the app in order to withdraw permissions.
The words and phrases used in the directions may differ depending on your device or OS version.

KOF Survival City user reviews :

Wish I could play. Love KOF. Not into base building games but it seems to have enough to make it engaging. I wouldn’t KNOW, because I can’t progress past around Chapter 3. You get told about a place that needs clearing out. Giant wall on the right. A speech bubble from the captain leads you over there but if you click through or skip dialogue it stays on the zoomed in shot of the wall. Uninstalled reinstalled. Guest account or with Google. Same issue no matter what :/ Shame because it seems fun.

  • Hello, this is KOF: Survival City. We apologize for the inconvenience while playing KOF: Survival City. We will continue to do our best to provide you with a more reliable service. If the issue continues after updating, please contact us at  joycity.oqupie.com/portals/1858 and we will be glad to assist you. Thank you.

The gameplay is decent and the graphics are good. However, there is a serious issue with upgrade cost, and farming. After only around 12 hours of gameplay, I have already hit a wall with upgrades, and the resources required to grow requires lots of grinding. Would honestly not recommend it at this time.

  • Hello, this is KOF: Survival City. Thank you, we appreciate your honest review. We will never leave any feedback unheard and always find ways to improve our service. Please contact us at  joycity.oqupie.com/portals/1858 and tell us more about how we can provide a better service in the future. Thank you.

The game is good, even tho I experience the same bug and glitches like the other players mentioned; It is understandable since it’s new so I hope it gets fixed soon. I have a problem on the event, mostly are the mutant, cyborg, nest event, it was hard to be on rank since the score you get from defeating it, is low. So I recommended to lessen the required score of each stage or higher the score we get from defeating a mutant/cyborg and invading a nest.

  • Hello, this is KOF: Survival City. We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your time to leave your thoughts on KOF: Survival City. We highly value your feedback on ways we can improve our service. Please contact us at  joycity.oqupie.com/portals/1858 to share more details . Thank you!

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