Legends of War – Defeat your enemies in this war of Three Kingdoms

[Game]  Three Kingdoms – Legends of War

Legends of War

Join the battle of Three Kingdoms in Three Kingdoms: Legends of War.

Choose among more than 80 legendary heroes of the Romance of the three kingdoms in this ARPG game. Unleash powerful skills and battle moves to defeat your enemies in this war of Three Kingdoms game!

Game Features

Spectacular Battle Moves of the Three Kingdoms Warriors!

Enjoy the original story while having fun with a great variety of heroes and skills in this ARPG game! Command Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Dun, Lu Lingqi, and other great warriors of the Three Kingdoms and dominate the battlefield with their unique and powerful battle skills! Live several well-known battles from the Romance of the three kingdoms. Dominate the battlefield with your heroes! Cultivate military commanders, break through their limits, and enjoy super refreshing battles with gorgeous battle skills!

Vanquish the Fallen Mystic Creature!

Join forces with other heroes, generals, and fight World Boss monsters in the Mystic Creature Battle mode!
Defeat the Mystic Creatures by using your expert control skills, blades, and most powerful warriors! You will be rewarded with items to increase your power! Build a powerful hero army with them!

Fight in different game modes!

Participate in large-scale 50 vs. 50 Battles between Alliances with heroes and fight in this large-scale Alliance War with 49 other monarchs! Strategically place your warriors and form impregnable lines of defense. Lead your alliance to victory!
You can also participate in other PVP game modes such as national battles, 10v10 arena battles, 3v3 PVP mode or one-to-one duels! Show your worth in the battlefield. Various ways to play! Get the strongest generals and aim to dominate the world through the multi-mode that you can’t get tired of playing!

The True War of the Three Kingdoms!

Join Wei, Shu, or Wu and conquer the capital cities of the other kingdoms! Defeat enemy players and conquer as many castles as you can and lead your kingdom to victory! Increase your Contribution and distinguish yourself in the Three Kingdom War!

Strengthen Your Warriors!

Special Passive and Active skills are unlocked, depending on your gear grade, which will make your heroes stronger. Use the 7-star Rank-up and Badge Imprint Systems to create ultimate warriors! Sweep the battlefield with special Wings and Aura decorations!

Never-ending Content!

“Single Combat” mode to enjoy continuous 1:1 matches or “Tourney Hall” for deathmatches
Lead your most formidable warriors and attack the gateways! “Heroes of a Troubled Time”
Mobilize all your warriors for battle! “Endless Battlefields”
Secure resources for your kingdom and heroes! “Pillage War”
Build a powerful kingdom! “Kingdom Reign Mode”

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Legends of War user reviews :

Would love to play this but it doesn’t work on any emulator i’ve even tried playing it on Bluestacks or LD Player it still doesn’t work. I hope they fix this issue because i would love to play it on PC. Good thing it works on phone but i much prefer to play action app games on emulator. They don’t run the best on my phone. Actually i had found a way to make it work on Bluestacks all you need to do is create a instance to pie 64bit beta and the game should work!

  • Thank you for posting a review and for providing feedback. We’re always looking to improve the game, so please let us know if you have any additional ideas or thoughts.

Game is pretty cool, lots to do when ya start off, could be easier to navigate ya buildings but not much of a problem really.

This game does have potential but needs some changes or patches to it but all around its definitely a good role playing strategic type game that any kid would enjoy

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the game, please feel free to let us know of any additional feedback you have by contacting us from the “Game Inquiry” button in your game’s Setting’s Menu, or at 3kingdoms.support[at]tiltingpoint.com

Playing f2p. Game has a rewarding grind. I can play for hours on end using the free resources you get through gameplay.

Great Game! Lots to do! Not really repetitive. Packs are alittle expensive.

The game itself is fun, but damn is it prone to crashing and not working properly. Cant even buy “honor” packs in shop for jade, everytime i try, the game just shuts itself, sometimes it just randomly crash while trying to log into the server. If the stability gets improved its good time killer, but otherwise not the best experience if you have to constantly check if the game had enough and crashed or not.

Just downloaded it.I am the first downloader and reviewer.I am so proud for the first review.I will provide in depth review in future.

Waited for this game! my favorite time era!

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