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[Game] Like A Dino

Like A Dino  Simple, Fun, And Clean! Just Like A Dino!

Please note, the game information and data could be deleted and not be restored if you delete the application.

Game information and data cannot be transferred to other devices.

Made By super_toki (Hyun-joong Kim)

YouTube: super_toki
Instagram: super_toki
TikTok: super_toki

Like A Dino user reviews :

I love the game! It’s so adorable, the designs are very adorable as well! It isn’t too challenging nor too easy. I mainly love how once you make a mistake, it encourages you. And how, you have more chances to get a higher score rather than just ending it there. It was well thought and made. The game is absolutely adorable! Anoo! Great job!

I love this game! I love the story about Dino and Dina. This is my first day playing but I unlocked all the characters except the 3 babies and unlocked 4 songs. I know know about later though. Thanks for the game. I also appreciate your animations in your YouTube channel. I hope you finish the main animation soon. But it might take a few years as you said. Thanks for the game and animations on YouTube!

Best game in the world. It’s Absolutely adorable. The game doesn’t take up all your time making you watch ads but instead really rewards you if you volunteer to watch them. The characters are so cute plus they’re is a growing story to go along with them. I actually convinced my boyfriend to download the game by just letting him try to beat my high score. It’s a simple game but it’s not a mindless game. It’s very addictive and can help past the time.

Really this game is the best I have played to help me with my sadness. Music is very relaxing and happy at the same time. Dinosaurs are very cute. This app has made me cry of how beautiful it is. When I am very stressed and when I am too sad, this application helps a lot. Even if I lose, it gives me messages like, “It’s Okay” and other things that are to cheer me up. Not like other applications that when I lose, I get very stressed and I better stop playing. Thank you for creating this game <3

This game is so fun! I would recommend this to anyone. There is no adds, unless you are in need to buy coins. Amazing game, and cool stories to go with each character. *Note to Creator* : People are making copies of your game, and are trying to get more people to play their game. Keep up the good work, and ignore those other games. Please everyone, play Like A Dino!, the correct and original game.

I love this game!! Its so cute and i love how you can just watch ads to collect all the characters!! Its not too easy, but not too hard! I love it and it helps me when im stressed or sad. Also, good game to play when you’re bored! The music is so cute too. I defiently recommended this app! Super cute

this game was a really cool! I rea lly liked these type of games, cause its usually i play these types of games when my main app is down or being used to much. And i really love that you can change your character in this game and i love that they even have a story! and you pit alot of effort into this game the game actually makes my day! and i love the color green and this game kinda teaches me to never give up even though its hard and thank you for teaching others diffrent things that are good.

This game is SOOO cute!!! Its like a dino getting a longer neck and u can get free coins and buy different skins! And the skins are a love story! Wich i definitely like! I kept buying more skins and reading it! Its very cute! Plus there are NO ADS!! But except you can get ONE THOUSAND COINS JUST FOR A TINY AD! LIKE ITS A SUPER SMALL AD JUST FOR THAT AMOUNT! I definitely recommend playing it.

Its a great game but i do have a complaint. Sometimes the game glitches and the little neck things just go past the line and tge dino cant pick them up. It doesnt happen often but when it does its pretty agrovating for me. Other than that is great!! I do hope for more dinos but i do like the green and pink consistancy :) Please and thank you.

Absolutely amazing!! I love this game so much, the music is nice, when you lose it says “its okay” or “it’s okay not to be okay”and it boosts my confidence. I love how theres no ads unless you want to watch an ad for ONE THOUSAND COINS. that’s a lot of coins for a small ad. One think that would be cool to add, would be different speeds, slow, normal, and fast. But it also keeps getting faster as well. Unless you want to keep it on the same speed. I have never wrote a review on anything, amazing

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