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Last Mage StandingPlay Fantasy Battle Royale, Co-op Tower Defense and more game modes in this fast paced action RPG brawler!

Battle solo or team up with friends in a variety of PvE and PvP modes for quick three minute rounds. Collect and upgrade a roster of Guardians and pair them up with magical and mechanical abilities to rule the day!

Battle Royale (Solo or Trios) – PvP: Fight for survival in an epic last mage standing solo or multiplayer battle royale match. Collect magical abilities hidden in different environments in solo or teams against up to a hundred other players.

Tower Defense (Quads) – PvE: Team up with up to four players to defend the magical crystal against waves of oncoming enemies. Work together to build traps and automated defenses and ensure your victory!

Hold the Gold (Duos) – PvP: Grab the most gold in this fast paced mode. Expect quick reversals as you and your team fight to stay alive. If you are defeated, your gold is up for grabs. Stay on your toes and snatch victory from defeat!

Play as one of over a dozen Guardians. Some are familiar: the Wizard, the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Archer, others are more surprising: the Falconer, the Ice Princess, the Poisonous Tracker, the Reaper, and more. Each Guardian has unique attacks and abilities and can be leveled up and outfitted with awesome skins.

Choose dozens of different abilities to use in battle from creatures to magic spells to weapons and buildings. Choose your abilities wisely to match your Guardian, your play style and your game mode.

Earn rewards as the top ranked player on the leaderboards. Competition is stiff, but the rewards are significant!

Form a long term alliance with other players, battle together, and earn even more rewards.

Last Mage Standing is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. To disable in app purchases, please check your device settings.

Download now for free and become the star of Last Mage Standing!

Last Mage Standing user reviews :

I love the graphics of the game because of its pixel art style, I also love the art of each characters. The loading screen looks really great and helpful when explaining the character’s abilities. I can suggest that the dash meter to fill up faster when the player is not moving. I think it would be fun if there will be at least 2-3 players in quoue before the game starts. The bots are kinda dumb… rushing ahead and suicide than being safe or defensive. Overall, I enjoy the game so much

  • Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions! We are considering adjusting the controls and the dash in particular in an upcoming release. It’s also on our list to improve the bots so they will be more fun to play against.

Very entertaining games, love the retro style, there is quite a big deal of variety in characters (each with their own abilities),and a hefty repertory of powers, gadgets, and traps. The only thing Im not fond of is the leveling up system, which doesn’t have a good reason to be in a competitive game, but that’s just my opinion. The game is fun and it’s worth given a try.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at support[at]

I agree with a lot of the reviews, it has great potential, but just needs detail work. Some more divergance in stats and main attacks would be good. I would like to be able to see the drop rates for chests so I know what I’m getting, and it would be nice if the coin shop had some more expensive items. One specific issue I have with Coatl (which I use a lot) is that her main attack projectile is spawned a bit low, so when close to a wall I often hit the block below the one I’m aiming for.

Okay, after playing for a bit I’d like to say this game has many cool aspects. The characters they have are unique. The game play is pretty fun. The only downside is that to work on the season pass you need keys which recharge over time. You can get more via adds and doing quests. I’m currently waiting on customer support which if that goes well I would give 5 stars.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We will send this comment to our developers.

This is an amazing game! One thing I’d recommend is adding a one time purchase or a monthly subscription to get rid of ads. I would buy that in a heartbeat because while I adore this game, the constant ad watching gets annoying. If I ad that I’d play this game so much more and probably sink a lot more money into it other than that this is a fantastic game!! Good job developers!

SERIOUSLY underrated game for it’s quality. Amazing character designs, fun pixelated battles, modes of your choice. And fun seasonal events! There are unique abilities that change the tide of battle, and characters as well. Fast and quick games and easy on the eyes. Absolutely stunning game. Many people say it’s Pay to Win but it’s more of grinding and working hard to get what you want :). And good developers! I’ll be sure to share this game on different social medias and to my friends!

  • This review really warmed our hearts! Thank you so much for liking the game and sharing its with your friends!

Spinning fat guy in the new destory the crystals mode is completely OP. Ruins the experience. He just walks into the crystal and destroys it in less than a few seconds. His attack hitspace and frequency is completely OP for the mode. Plz balance.

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