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Monstrous CravingsAmidst a city plagued by consumption and vampires, you seek to uncover the truth behind your brother’s disappearance.

But as you investigate, you’re suddenly whisked away by a distinguished vampire gentleman to join a secret organization. The group seems to be fighting against the darkness, but the question remains—as a creature of the night, can this man really be trusted?


Tarquinn Ravencroft — Dire Vampire

Tarquinn Ravencroft is the epitome of a powerful and mysterious vampire. With a grip on the underworld, he commands the attention of all who cross his path, yet beneath his devilish exterior lies a heart of gold. When he rescues you from a life of hardship, he opens up a new world of secrets and passion. Will you fall for his dangerous allure or will he be the one to break your heart?

Monstrous Cravings user reviews :

I loved the storyline and the characters! TOO GOOD. Each one had their own unique way of speaking. It’s really nice that the main character sticks up for herself and even fights along with everyone instead of staying in the background. I think one of the best parts was the atmosphere created, not just with the music and designs, but the way the story was written in each chapter took me to this really fascinating world! Quality of games has been going up!!

Nice story. 2x Seasons. Sounds like it might lead into a third season. Love reading these stories but sadly I’ve read them all. I may need to start from the beginning and read all your stories again.

The recent games have felt pretty rushed and fast-paced. Especially this one. The cliffhanger and that only Tarquinn was shown at first. The newer stories are kind of bland to me compared to the older ones, which is kind of disappointing. The art and soundtrack are still amazing. I have nothing to say against those. It’s the stories that feel different and rushed. I love that there are more choices here, but the expensive gems still remain. It’s a shame. I think they even got more frequent.

I love the story, espeshilly part 2 is very well done and interesting, though it kind of feels that with the ending, it needs to have a S3.

Loved when it was one on one with a character. If felt like an unstoppable duo instead of a girl bombarded by 3 men. I miss him in season 2 and I feel like the story went by too quickly and more details were needed I felt like the story kinda shifted a lot..from trying to find the brother, stealing a ring, getting swept into a pub randomly? The story changed and twisted a little much? In an odd I was a little confused for a good bit of the story. We also need more head sass in the Mc

What happened? The first season was, frankly, an unacceptable departure from the usual three character formula but it was so well written it didn’t matter. Second season – I’m speechless. A clustered mess of nonsense. Inconsistent, poorly paced, poorly written torture with characters that have no character. It’s like you took a hundred cliché ideas and threw them all at the wall. Did you get AI to do this? Because NO! BAD! STOP IT! Pay an actual writer!

The story is absolutely amazing but I can’t get any ads so I’m unable to get the 30 points or to double the points in the mini game. It’s very frustrating and if that were fixed I would give a higher rating but other than that it’s a great game

I was left hanging after the new characters revealed at the ending. I hope that you guys continue the fantastic Otomes and continue your amazing work. I hope the story updates soon and part 2 comes in super excited.

I literally screamed when i saw this game’s season 2 was coming. I knew its gonna be hella good and so it was. I just wanna say this was the best gothic story i have read after Swords of the first light and blood moon calling. It was so damn good. The characters, story plot, dialogue, music, art everything was MARVELLOUS! The mc was the best mc i ever saw! The game was full of mystery, romance, thrill, fun, gothic everything! I loved the part most that u guys let us choose Balzabaath too!

Tbh it was good and all but I don’t really spend money on games so I recommend making a much more fun minigame that helps you get rubbies or points that would be good and the storyline is interesting so do consider giving more ways or easier ways to get rubbies. I’ll be waiting for the next story tho

I CANT wait for the second season anymore. Please release it in the earliest. Also, lately the company has been really slow with releasing new stories, I just can’t wait, your work is so precise and realistic that it takes all my power to stay patient and wait for new otome Empire games (stories). Please take this review into account.

Hello don’t get me wrong I love this game but I just added this review because I just finished the story and it left so I can’t wait for them to add it the reason why I’m giving it to less stars that then five is because it’s entertaining but some of it it doesn’t really make sense. This is my opinion and if you think otherwise that’s your opinion. Anyways if you love fantasy romance games with vampires you’re going to love this!

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