My Fairytale Girlfriend – Your chance to become the knight

[Game] My Fairytale Girlfriend – Anime Visual Novel

My Fairytale Girlfriend  You’ve always read stories to escape your mundane school life, but your world turns upside-down when a chance encounter with a magical bookmark summons three cute fairytale girls into the real world! Sound like a dream come true? Wait until you see what else has been unleashed…

It’s your chance to become the knight in shining armor, save the world, and find true love along the way. Write your very own happily ever after in this magical and heartwarming tale of adventure and romance!


“I’m looking for an adventure!”
Bright, enthusiastic, and a bit of a diva, Rapunzel has you charmed from the moment your eyes meet. Rapunzel has high expectations—could you be the prince she’s looking for?

“I want the world to be a better place.”
Sweet and gentle, Snow knows just how to make anyone feel at ease. With her by your side, you feel like you’re walking on the clouds. Does she feel the same way about you?

Little Red
“I’m here on a mission.”
Little Red isn’t one for laughs or frivolous games, but every glimpse of her smile melts your heart. She’s already bold and brave—can you show her it’s okay to be vulnerable, too?

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My Fairytale Girlfriend user reviews :

I just finished the story and it was absolutely astounding. I enjoyed every second of it, nothing was wrong with the app and the story plot was amazing. Snow was my favourite Princess out of the three because of her kindness and how beautiful she looked. I watched tons upon tons of ads just to unlock all special moments with her and the ending with her was heartwarming. If only I could have my own happily ever after in real life! Thank you for making this lovely written story

The game is great so why did i rate 2/5? That’s because the story was becoming less and less realistic to continue. While the artstyle is cute and the beginning was also interesting, everything became much stupider. The story was becoming too forced. I mean come on, the mc’s house was burned down and neither the firefighters or in the news was mentioned about it. Another thing, you need to pay if you want to make choices in this game so forget about it. I’d rather read a WebNovel than this….

I love this, it was definitely an interesting one. It truly felt like a real fairytale and it was great, also it’s just what you would expect from rapunzel,snow, and red when you see their personalities in action, plus what strengths they have too. This was a fun game, I especially love each ending, it’s all great. I’ve seen what’s coming next on the instagram page and it looks like it will definitely be interesting, so I know absolutely I’m playing that. I can’t wait!

Amazing. I really found the theme of this very heart warming and cute. The whole story was well written and the characters felt like the princesses from the actual fairy tales. The graphics are beautiful and majestic, always looks great. I picked, Snow, I knew it was her since she first smiled, and she is very kind and understanding. I loved it, and I also liked how their were two enemies this time! Thank you for such an amazing game, and who wouldn’t want a princess girlfriend?

I like the story and the use of fairy tale princesses. They acted pretty similar to what I would of them to act like in the stories. Having two villains this time is pretty cool and I like the visuals as usual. The one I choose was snow because of kindness and understanding and how she likes animals. The three girls had great moments and the endings are all good. I am not a huge fan of fairy tale stories or princesses but this one is pretty good.

Amazing and very completing storyline, I enjoyed your games a lot but this one is great, it really felt like a fairytail. I saw that you made a new game that was very fast, can’t wait to see how it is, great job and keep up the amazing work!

The story is like a fairy tale. The MC is filthy rich and a bit of a wimp. The 3 girls have distinctive personality and loveable. The experience is uhm.. disappointing. You need ticket( the cap is 2, take long time to reproduce)to proceed next chapter (15 in total), next you need to crystals to choose good option with special scene and if you want to choose all of them that d either involve money(expensive) or play different games for period of time(long) to gain points to exchange

Everything about this was perfect except I see your games as p2w ticket passes are distributed fine but it’s the rubies that are a bit pricey and I think it’s due to long recharge on points.

It’s a great game, so far I have not experienced any bugs or lagging issues, or how other people say they cant get on the app. The game is very expensive tho and vip options are WAY too overpriced, and I think that you should make it less expensive Edit: I also think you should make more games like this and Stepsister Shock

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