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My Phone Time  My Phone Time limit your phone time, take control of your life! Boost your focus and your productivity, get your personal relationships back on track.

Did you know that people spend on average 3 hours and 30 min on their phone every day? That’s enough time to skyrocket your productivity, slowly learn 14 languages, watch one whole movie – or spend time with your loved ones.

Even worse, we use our phones for short interruptions all the time, which takes a toll on our focus, our work quality and productivity, and our personal relationships.

My Phone Time helps you measure and control how long you spend on your phone. It tells you which apps you’re using, and allows you to block some of them so you can make sure you focus on the task at hand!

See your phone usage and your app usage breakdown.
Set yourself a daily goal.
Block the most distracting apps.
(But keep a whitelist for those important communications.)
Get detailed overtime analytics of your phone usage
Track your progress on your lockscreen at a glance!

All this without any time or effort on your side!

My Phone Time is more than just an app usage tracker: it’s a productivity tool, and your personal helper when it comes to cutting your phone usage back.

Here’s a list of My Phone Time features:

Phone usage tracker
App usage tracker
Daily usage goal setting
Phone usage and app usage analytics over time
App usage blacklist and whitelist system
Lockscreen widget

My Phone Time user reviews :

A good app. Just what I was after. I wanted something yo tell me how long I was on my phone each day? Which apps I was using and to set reminders for if I over used and this does just what I wanted. I don’t see any annoying popups or anything either

I love this app. I give it 4 stars. My biggest pro and con: Biggest Pro – you can see your entire history of time spent on your phone in really well presented graphs (for free!) This includes for an entire year! You can choose want you want to see, such as daily averages or total time all added together. Other options for this as well. Biggest con – deep navigation is confusing. There should be a guide, I have no idea how to put apps under custom categories.
  • Smarter Time
  • Hello, the lockscreen window should show only when you are near your maximum daily time. We will add an option to always show it if more people want it

It has wonderful feature for recording your app activity but as for the stoppibg from using your phone part you have to do that on your own. It can stop you as much as showing that u have exceeded the daily limit set by yourself on the lockscreen. Beyond it if u ignore that and use it no one can stop you.

Actually It’s awesome. I used a lot of this type of apps. But after using different apps, I have got this app. It has cool features. I can get easily all the information within a page. This application also takes less data.
  • Smarter Time
  • Thank you !

Excellent and very eye opening app! The white list feature is particularly useful.

it’s a great app to track how long you stay on your phone everyday.

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