MyLake 3D Aquarium – Enjoy life in a tropical lake

[App] MyLake 3D Aquarium

MyLake 3D Aquarium  Dive into a beautiful 3D aquarium on your device!

MyLake is a freshwater aquarium that fits in your pocket – customize your tank and interact with the fish, or just sit back and enjoy life in a tropical lake.

Featuring 40+ types of vibrant tropical fish, MyLake includes species-specific movement and interaction. You can individually select the inhabitants of your aquarium, feed the fish, and even annoy them by tapping on the “glass”.

Three dynamic cameras let you choose your view: The fish camera allows you to zoom in on a fish, automatically following its movements; the fisheye camera shows the tank from the perspective of the fish (device only); the auto camera focuses on points of interest while you relax. Use common touchscreen gestures to control the camera and sound, and to easily choose fish for your aquarium.

It’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of an aquarium – from stress relief to learning about fish care. MyLake puts it all in the palm of your hand!


Observe realistic animations, behavior, and interactions of more than 40 species of 3D fish
Customize up to five aquariums, selecting backgrounds, accessories, and the perfect mixture of species
Participate in detailed interaction with your fish, including feeding and knocking on the front “glass” to annoy them
Move and zoom easily using common touchscreen gestures
View your aquarium in soothing shades of midnight blue

Please note: this app is NOT a Live Wallpaper.

Please note that My Lake 3D Aquarium is free to play and thus ad-financed.

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MyLake 3D Aquarium user reviews :

Great graphics, bad placement of commercials, the variety of items that you can use in the free version is too little and the customization menu where you can actually change the decor or the fish is not very intuitive.

This a great app, looks good, impressive AI fish behavior, but when I customize the fish tanks and then close the app, it doesn’t save my changes. I have to start again next time I open the app. I also purchased the premium version to get rid of the ads, but that doesn’t work right either. Under settings I have an option to “restore” premium features, and that temporarily removes the ads, but they come back when I open the app again. The related My Reef 3D app doesn’t have these problems.

I love the app! But, I have purchased it 3 times already, I think. I just got a new phone. Although I use the app (paid for) on 2 tablets and my fire TV, I can’t get the premium version on my new phone. The app is awesome, but, this issue troubles me.

Beautiful relaxing aquarium , but i totally agree with the person who said the banner of ADs across the top of screen totally takes away from a calming experience. I have to look for another aquarium game. This is too annoying!!!!!!

I love this app never gets old, if you love fish enjoy and play KISS MUSIC WITH IT THE FISH ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE!! BETTER ON AMAZON 4 SURE!

The app is excellent! GREAT! Need more control in placement of decor.

Love the fish find the tanks very relaxing but would like more plants worth 5 Star’s

Real realistic viewing very relaxing addition to my daytimeentertainment Thank you for my enjoyof app.

It’s like a real fish tank, great for kids and those with stress.

I love this game because it has a lot of fish that I can feed

Other split my moving fish is living in my cellphone in tablet i just download it my tablet like a fresh

This is beautifully done, found lots of my favorites. Do I want more? Of course I do- pearl and dwarf gouramis, catfish, crayfish, fiddler crabs, eels, turtles, frogs, etc, oh please please please! And some relaxing water sound schemes… But for now, perfection. Took me about five mins to buy full version. So lovely. Thanks so much!

I wasn’t expecting much from this, but you guys are 20% maybe 15% away from perfect fish movement! Keep it up! I need the excuse to never buy a real fish again!

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