Pit Stop Racing Manager – Victory is always very fun and exciting

[Game] Pit Stop Racing Manager

Pit Stop Racing ManagerPit Stop Racing Manager is based on the NASCAR car competition, and you can enjoy the fun of growing your character and gaining victory in the competition.

The NASCAR car competition is a popular sport that ranks the second place in the sports rankings in the United States.
Train various cars and crew teams to win the official tournament.

Practice first!
To win the contest, you should first improve your team’s performance through practice.
Many world-class teams attend the official competition. It might be hard to avoid finishing it with the last place. .
You get experience points if you go around one rap.

Win the official tournament!
Victory is always very fun and exciting.
If your competence is enhanced enough, you can give a dare to the competition!
You can scout new cars and teams by using the champion’s prize money.
You can more forcefully grow the team through various researches gained via winning the competition.

Utilize [Prestige]
You can fall into a slump, no matter how good a player you are.
If the experience point you got is not satisfactory, you can get out of the slump through Prestige.
You can get [Trophy of Legend] through prestige.
the larger the number of [Legendary trophies], the greater the amount of experience points.
If slump approaches, escape the slump by [Trophy of Legend]!

Do not miss [Unofficial Race]
You sometimes might feel tedious finding yourself just turning left.
Escape from the dull practice by showing off your ability in the informal race.
If you win in the informal race, you can get three nuts (gold, silver, bronze).
These nuts are used when buying materials that can help you exert your full potential.

Google App Permissions
: This game requires the following permissions in order to provide a better game environment and proper gameplay.

Pit Stop Racing Manager user reviews :

i love the game but the big problem I’m having is whenever i log into the game and I hit the 20x button to watch a video it does nothing but go into practicing mode. it gets frustrating after a while. this needs to be fixed.

Great manager/ Idle game. premium coins are easy to come by, just need to make prestige upgrading a little more rewarding and easier to get. I may actually spend a few dollars on this. also race accidents and driver skill should be incorporated.

t’s been a fun game. I dont think the PVP is good. hard to figure out and not worth my time compare to the actual game. My big annoyance is that it keep CONSTANTLY asking me to continue even if I’m actively playing it will pause the game and make me hit a continue button. This wasn’t a thing at the start and dont know why it is now. very annoying please fix

Great game really enjoying all the different race modes only problem is after the last update you need to watch 2 or more ads in order to receive a single payout

Only prob is that ai need to pit because it’s not fair that I have to and they don’t plz GABANGMAN fix this plz

Great game love it !!!!

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