PKXD Runner – The PK XD Universe is threatened

[Game] PKXD Runner

PKXD RunnerAdmin needs your help to escape from Glitch and mysterious obstacles!

The PK XD Universe is threatened! Glitch has caused a mess with its thirst for destruction and is now after its next victim: Admin.

RUN as fast as possible and help Admin escape from Glitch!
Make the best time and SHARE your results
Avoid the obstacles and WIN the Glitch in this race
TAKE PART in rebuilding the PK XD Universe
Have fun scoring points and COMPETING in this endless running game.
CHALLENGE your friends, see who can earn the highest score!

PKXD Runner user reviews :

Too bad The game does not give me the features that I find while playing Secondly, the game has obstacles behind some Thirdly, after the plane finished, I went down to find myself over the obstacle Fourth, the game does not perform all the movements that I do, for example, I jump two jumps after each other, and you only do one. Fifth, the character’s jump is very short compared to the obstacles The same for a trader With all these problems, I can’t even achieve 10,000 scores

Sometimes when I play i jump but its doesn’t jump. I hate that.Same happens with directions.Also,the jump is not high enough. Also, when i die only 3 times, i cant respawn again.piz make it 5 or 10 times or atleast more than 3. Also, want to increase score multiplier by completing quests or spending coins on them. And after that maybe increase the score to like 550000 and make it way easier to get.The graphics are pretty mid or bad.and there is alot of glitches. It has to improve a lot.

Dear Developer, I have some complaints about this game. 1. Too hard to play- maybe lower down the scores a bit for the PK XD runner armor OR make the use gems option permanent (it should not dissappear after 3 times). 2. Remove some obstacles. 3. Make a score multiplier which we can upgrade using coins or gems (Eg- the score multiplier is at “1x” by spending coins or gems we can make it “2×” and so goes on to 10×)but the character speed is same and only the score goes higher. Thank you, A user

There are some obstacles that are IMPOSSIBLE to get through when you are at x5 above progress. The controls are a bit buggy, the character jumps even if I slide to left (or right). Some ads are not working. Buggy as always.

Aw. This game didn’t impress me much… I love PK XD, but this game just feels like a knock-off version of Subway Surfers but it is 100x harder than SS. This game has a fair-share of bugs and glitches too! The touch-to-response delay is SO HIGH! Sometimes, when I swipe up, my character just doesn’t jump. Same with sliding and turning right and left. I only installed this game for rewards from PK XD because there’s a new armour that I wanted to get. This game has lots of room for improvement.

This game is perfect! But i think that you have to less the score points of the gifts section. Means you have like it is very difficult to run sooo much and getting time waste. So admin you have to low the score points of the runner armor. I hope you understand it. And this is only the reason that i rated this game only 4 stars. Otherwise the game is wonderful beautiful and awesome.! And also I have a great and also brilliant suggestion for you that you have to give this game update the game.

I guess the first one was the best feature that even if we get out a lot of times we get the chances but now it’s so tough and it also have hidden Parkour in line of coins so it’s hard to jump from it it was my favourite but i guess this feature which I don’t like should be changed i have seen most of the people have same problem so it means i guess if game need 5 star rating than they should also improve this all

It is good to get the collectibles but this is too hard because you can only fall 3 times and all the progress disappear and you need to restart it’s really frustrating to restart all over the Time and like the place ment of the object is too close So it makes too difficult to jump or roll and it’s like 1000x harder than subway surfers I’m not comparing this to subway surfers

I really do like this game but the bromlem is it has to mutch obstacles that it makes it hard to play for a long time especially when you are really fast witch means that it’s also hard to achieve parts of the armor also just dont make the continue button pop for only 3 times it’s really difficult to achieve stuff

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