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Pocoyo ColorsDo you have children who enjoy drawing or coloring? Do you want to show them the colors and shapes of objects in a fun and educational way? Discover Pocoyo Colors, the Pocoyo app to draw and color! With this entertaining game to learn colors, shapes and lines, kids will give free rein to their imaginations and create beautiful works art they’ll be proud of.

The Pocoyo Colors children’s app has different game modes to enjoy anywhere;

In the “Draw and Color” mode they can have fun with 2 different options; 1) coloring templates of their favorite characters or 2) or free drawing; they can scribble, sketch, write, anything they want.

They will learn to identify the colors and their names in Spanish or English, as well as to delineate the different areas of the drawing.

They will use different coloring tools, such as a brush, spray, and eraser, to make corrections. They can also save a picture of the drawing.

In “Music Videos” mode there are different color songs to reinforce their learning.

In the “Lines” mode there are more than 30 sheets with which to learn and practice using the graphic space correctly, with curved and straight, horizontal, and vertical lines; and even oblique and loop-like ones, and some in the form of simple symbols. To help kids draw the lines, each sheet has a series of dotted lines indicating the direction in which to draw, with one’s finger.

In the “Create Shapes” they will learn the names of the main geometric shapes, their numbers of sides, and to recognize them in real-world objects.

In “My World” mode they will enjoy placing the stickers available in various settings with identifiable geometric shapes. They can also make it rain and snow, or day and night.

Delve into the wonderful world of colors, geometric shapes and lines. Just download the children’s app for FREE and start enjoying it however you prefer

Have a blast with lots of black and white coloring pages
Learn the names of the colors in English and Spanish.
Learn the names of the shapes and their main characteristics
Design your own world with cool stickers
Practice a variety of different lines
Freestyle drawing

You can’t imagine how many different things your kids can learn with this fun app!

All the sheets are set in the wonderful children’s world of Pocoyó and his friends, and feature fun animations and effects that will act as positive reinforcements, stimulating kids and strengthening their self-confidence as they progress.

This app is ideal for preschoolers and parents who want their children to learn in a safe environment, and was created by pedagogues and professional designers of children’s applications.


There are countless benefits of starting to color and draw at a young age.

It bolsters their ability to concentrate. Children focus on a single goal: COLORING.

It develops fine motor skills: children strive, right from the start, to stay within the lines. That is, they improve their hand-eye coordination and learn to master movements.

It stimulates their creativity and capacity for artistic expression.

It is a failproof way to relax

It boosts self-esteem: drawing fills children with feelings like joy and pride in creating something on their own.

Don’t put it off! You won’t find a more complete app. Try it and, if you like it, you can unblock all the content and remove the advertising with a single payment.

Pocoyo Colors user reviews :

Listen to me! Every time I get into the app,when the alien appears the game freezes and in a few seconds kicks me out I hate it when it kicks me out because then I feel so angry.

It has english but ads too but I think it great! My daughter was playing it and she loved it.

I paid to unlock the content and remove the ads why still showing ads

  • Hi SADEK ALSHOULI, thanks for your feedback. We continue working to improve the user experience. We recently have made an update to the game. We encourage you to update the game to see if it works correctly now. Otherwise, we encourage you to tell us about your problem at apps[at]zinkia.com

Wow i love this game

  • Hello Qhairisya Ariff. That is fantastic. We love! Thank you for your loyalty and your perfect ratings. Have a great day!

Amazing app my brother loves it

  • Thank you for the perfect ratings Krisha Bm. We are very happy that you love the game. We will strive to keep your interest for the future updates as well.

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