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[Game] Rage of Destiny – RPG Arena

Rage of Destiny  The stars vanished, and the world was shrouded by darkness.

The line between life and death blurred as millions plunged into an abyss of misery.

There was no law.
There was no order.
And the mortals’ cries for salvation went unanswered.
Where were the gods?

The Father of the Gods tried to summon his children, but no one responded. All that was heard was a single prophecy.

Every 10,000 years, the world will fall into disorder. Heaven and earth will flip, and the stars will vanish. All will perish and turn into dust. Everything comes full circle, and the old gods shall fall.

It wasn’t the gods giving up on humanity. It was the world giving up on the gods.

It was a destined calamity… The crisis of the gods.

Game Features

Fantasy world with stunning visuals and audio
Heroes with distinct personalities, spectacular maps and graphics, and immersive battles! A gorgeous sword and sorcery RPG ideal for fans of Ace Defender, Raid Shadow Legends, and Summoners War. Experience this unique tower defense game in superior HD on mobile!

Idle and Relaxing
Busy with work and life? Earn EXP and rewards by being AFK! Perfect for fans of idle games, such as AFK Arena, Hero Wars, Idle Heroes, and Magnum Quest!

Tap and Battle
Change your formation and switch your positions to turn the tide in battles!

Diverse Heroes
Collect unique Heroes and explore various skills and strategies! Team up Heroes as you like to form your favorite squad!

Random Surprises
Random buildings, items, and events. Sandbox gameplay with random elements brings you a different gaming experience every time!

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Rage of Destiny user reviews :

It is really a pleaseant game. The p2w is not so brutal. I really like it

A lot of log on errors. Makes it hard to enjoy a game if you can’t log in.

Just plain boring. Moves to slow, no skip button, the rewards are to small,really hard to advance and nothing special about it. Just a basic copy after many other games. No thank you!
  • Hi there! The Rage of Destiny team is always ready to assist players in need. You can contact us on Customer Feedback or help.rageofdestiny.android[at]igg.com. Thank you!

Great Game. Needs more content, but very Promising. One thing though, please STOP pressuring people into p2w ads. Its not cool. I have had five ads in the past 24hours trying to sell me something just because a did something i guess special in the game, like leveling up? Anyway, great deals, but for 24hours bro, STOP. Give people the option to buy same deals for same price always not for just 24hours. Peace out, an deuces!

I enjoy this game but i don’t like the early game because there’s just so much you can’t do. As for the late game, its too slow, unrewarding, and there’s not much to buy that would make this better. Demon League and Crystal Kingdom heroes have little weight to the game if any. There’s no fair ways to get them and even if you do get one, you need more to upgrade them so they sit as weak heroes in your roster. They’re suppose to be end game but they’re not? Overall, its not bad but needs work.

Sad when you hit the paywall after three weeks or so… will take you like a month from now on to advance boring babysteps to get one step ahead and then it will be pack to paywall again… if i would have known i would not have started playing… battle arena very uneven… only higher oponents in advance… normal arena big guys beat you and get lots of points if you do that you get like nothing… all pretty uneaven… they need to be a bit more fair if they want to keep people playing

This game has a lot of potential but it isn’t ready for primetime. It is clearly a better graphic version of ML:A, however the drop rates are pathetically low making progress for f2p painful. 2 months in and the game gives an average of 1 summon per day unless you use gems. Progress is awful.

I have been playing for around 18 months now, up until today when it did the scheduled maintenance about 6 hours ago and now the game will not load. I hope the issue is resolved soon

Very good in relation to similar games from the same genre- Smooth fights, no animations that take forever during fights- good menus and navigation. I just wish I could redistribute my experience points between the chars. Very nice one indeed

Better than most of it kind. ROD is more refined, But this game is alot more F2P friendly. And better looking for that matter

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