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[Game] Riddle Master

Riddle MasterRiddle master is the most addictive free tricky puzzle game which challenge and test your mind and iq.

It is a free game that you can have mini word search games, mind games, brain games, tricky puzzles, and mini hidden object games.

While enjoying and solving your riddles, challenge and exercise your mind & brain.

Can you solve all riddles without any help!? So Challenge yourself and your brain!


Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers
Find the hidden words and objects.
Easy and simple but tricky riddles.
Download this funny game for free.
Tons of riddles with the find word games.
Addictive and fun game experience.
Great exercise for the mind and brain.
Simple and highly addictive game play.
Great time pass with Brain Teasers.

Get READY for challenging Riddles, and be the RIDDLE MASTER!

Riddle Master user reviews :

I understand ads. I get that they help the developer… but there becomes a point where they are just way too intrusive. The amount of ads for this type of game completely take away from the enjoyment. Each level has 7 stages. Virtually every stage has an ad, as well as an ad between each level. The “riddles” are decent. They are a combination of finding clues, hidden words, hidden pictures, and “find something strange,” which is looking for an odd photo. However, due to the style of the cartoons, spotting that strange thing can be quite difficult at times as it’s unclear as to what actually is strange. Would definitely give 3 or 4 stars if it wasn’t for the constant bombardment of ads.

Great idea but after about 10 levels they start to repeat themselves over and over with the same questions. I paid to remove the ads, as there are many many ads, because at first I was enjoying the game. But quickly realised it was waste of money. I would actually like my money back, but can’t see that happening. Could be a brilliant game, but it’s like the developer ran out of ideas and hoped no one would notice. Like copy and paste trying to up the word count in an essay. A big let down.

The thing with this game is, you have to have patience. It is a very good game, but there are a lot of ads. After you beat the first 10 levels, those 10 levels do repeat themselves, but with some different questions. Which makes the game look repetitive and boring. But no; if you actually play through those 10 levels again, you get brand new levels and brand new pictures after, brand new questions. So it may start out looking pretty bad, but with a little patience, you will see a lot more!

This is a fairly entertaining game but has EXCESSIVELY too many ads. I would understand an ad between levels, but it also shows 2-3 ads in the middle of levels. Additionally, since I was having fun, I made the purchase to remove ads, but the app had no changes even after waiting and restarting the app. Was still showing just as many ads.

It’s interesting for a bit but it’s just repeating the same group of pictures and mostly asking you to find the same things with the odd new question each round. Far, far too many adds. Rather than an add at the end of each level, there’s adds after every item that you find. 90% of your time is watching adds

The game is half fun, with the exception of the stupid hint button that floats across your screen every 10 seconds. I’ll find an item, and end up clicking on it just as the stupid clue button floats across, and I’m forced to watch an ad, or restart. It’s happened enough that I’ve deleted the game out of frustration.

The game was entertaining, but if you took longer than 20 seconds to find an answer, you’d get a SUPER ANNOYING hint option that would fly all over the screen, effectively breaking your concentration. And the hint option would appear and fly around every 10 seconds thereafter until you found an answer. HOW CAN I FIND THE ANSWER WHEN I CAN’T SEE THE IMAGE?!? I don’t mind the ads… But the flying thing killed all of your hard work.

I loved playing the first few levels so much that I purchased the No Ads with my Google Rewards store money. I’m glad I didn’t use my debit card. It was a waste of money. I get an ad after each section I complete in the levels. Love the concept, but hate I wasted the money for something I’m not getting

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