Rival Regions – Use real world regions to form your own state

[Game] Rival Regions – world strategy of war and politics

Rival Regions  In Rival Regions you will be able to create political parties, get a place in parliament and issue laws, travel to hundreds of regions all over the world and obtain oil, gold, ore, uranium and diamonds.

You will take part in air, land, sea and space wars, create your own newspapers and publish articles, use real world regions to form your own state and choose its form of government: dictatorship or presidential republic? It’s your choice!

Rival Regions user reviews :

This is a very good strategy game.I always wanted a game like this, and what I really respect is that I saw that you guys are listening to the players problems and reading the reviews.This is a very important thing for a company or a game creator.I really appreciate that and I love this game a lot! Good luck further!

Very fun, but there was a problem with coups as me and my friends all attempted to voup a country and fight to have it, but this was broken and did NOT allow me and them to take it over, and we were unable to engage in war. This is frustrating because it limits me and their ability to do anything such as the coup because it’s broken.

Too complicated for my style, although I did not play for a long time. It seems the developers put a lot of thought into it (hence the complicated gameplay). It is not my taste but for peaople that prefer these kind of games I think this is a good choice
  • Rival Regions Games
  • Thank you for your review. We agree that our game might not be for everyone and has a number of issues. Hope you could rate us a little higher
In this game there are good features and it is fun to play. There are bugs and glitches from time to time which is not so bad after you get used to it. On the other side watching my party being insulted from moderating team is concerning and alarming. Admin you should stop for a moment and think of the effect it is having on community who buys gold from you. Serbian community was much stronger with numbers and players year ago. Toxic moderator does not fix this, he is killing our community.Remo
  • Rival Regions Games
  • Please, contact us about insults issue via support.rivalregions.com/support/home (screenshots would be great).

Admin, end everyone’s suffering and delete the server, since YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS AT ALL!!!! Guys, really, this game has great potential.. IF you dont quit in the first 5 minutes, you’ll learn more about the game and probably get addicted to it, but the game’s administrators do not give a single f about its players, that’s it, you will get interested in the game, spend money (it is obviously pay to win) and then you will realize the game is stagnated and developers dont care about u

After seeing a developer response to my review saying my issue is fixed, i reinstalled the game. I can finally get into the game, the big preventing me from leaving the welcome screen is fixed, but on my Galaxy S10+ my home buttons wont leave the screen so I cant see the games menu buttons along the bottom, so I still cant play it. Glad to see developers are working to make improvements though.
  • Rival Regions Games
  • Can you write to us about this issue with the navigation buttons via support.rivalregions.com/support/home , please (create a new ticket). App restart still makes navi buttons stay?

Very complex at the start but very entertaining! It takes a bit of time to learn how things are but when you get the hang of it it is pretty cool.

Developer doesn’t update the game, only has one server making it hell for new players, and generally the game is dying with the only a few thousand actual players left and a lot of alts.
  • Rival Regions Games
  • Thank you for the review. We hope to improve the situation with fake accounts issue and new players comfort in the future. You can report fake accounts via support.rivalregions.com/support/home in a ticket.
I play RR since more than 2 years, I find the game unique and good in it’s own way, but the administration is what is making me and other old players want to stop playing. They choose racists like Rema to be moderators, a guy that ban people just because they don’t agree with him or with his party, ignoring anything racist from his close people. Also the time it takes for Admins to give a nation to some top Parties is disappointing. I will edit my rating once admins do something about this.
  • Rival Regions Games
  • We’re investigating the situation with Rema moderator. Please, share with us screenshots of your bans that you find unfair via support.rivalregions.com/support/home

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