Roller Polar – Watch out for the boulders

[Game] Roller Polar

Roller Polar Take control of your Polar Bear and ride the snowball down the mountain.

Watch out for the boulders, trees and wildlife!

Day and night the ball keeps rolling, faster and faster it goes, what’s the highest score? Nobody knows!


Addictive one touch game play that is easy to pick up but difficult to master!
Awesome pixel art from the award winning studio Nitrome.
Real-time dynamic day and night game play. So if it’s day outside, it’s day in the game! If it’s night… oh you get the idea!
Music by Dave Cowen (Creator of Ice Breaker – A Viking Voyage)
Unlockable Achievements
It’s a Polar Bear running on a giant snowball down a mountain! What more do you want!

Important Message for Parents

This game may include:
Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
Advertising of Nitrome products.

Roller Polar user reviews :

First, I absolutely love your games! However, I purchased to remove ads on this one and, after a reinstall, it no longer works. The ad remove button says I already own it, but I still get ads. Wouldn’t happen if I hadn’t reinstalled, but I messed that up thinking that, since it had a restore purchases button, it was safe to reinstall as many times as I wanted. Thanks

Aaaargghhh!!! A funny and cool game. The music is so new and exciting… The poor bear stuck at the top of the snowball always gets me And then as it levels up and gets faster, it’s absolutely hilarious to manage to stay rolling Very very cool game.

I was about to give this 1 star because you didn’t give me a tutorial on how to jump over stuff, but now I realized you have to double jump over the tree and it made me feel better now. Good game!!!

Simple yet really addictive. Also I really love the graphics!!

Game is obviously broken. Please fix it. A cute idea though

Most hateful obstacles in this game: 3) Tree 2) Snowman 1) Bird

Great game, its definitely a game you play when you’ve got nothing else to do but its great. More skins would be appreciated, maybe some more obstacles too, I noticed in this update many of the harder obstacles have been shifted from about the 2nd/3rd snowballs to even further away so it would be great getting the odd hard obstacle in the early stages(triple tree, quadruple rocks)

There’s an odd glitch where, if I attempt to start a new game while a right-facing bird is onscreen, the bird keeps flying to the right and offscreen while the game begins. When this happens, a game starts with only rocks and the counter remains at 0. Often, the music stops working when this occurs. Also, some of the achievements just plain don’t seem to work. I’m fairly certain I’ve jumped from one ball to another and tripped over snowman hats multiple times, but I don’t have the achievements for those.

There is this glitch which looks so dumb. At the start of the round, the counter wont register so it just rocks over and over again but if touch the rock, it simplies go through me. So please help to fix this glitch or bug then ill be more statisfied.

I think the game is pretty good, but maybe add more bears like a honey bear, black bear, sloth bear, and/or a spectacled bear.

Epic Game!… Another awesome fun filled game with the best music… (Huge fan!)…Keep it going Nitrome. Your games will always be close to every true gamer’s heart!

The game is good and simple, too simple. It offers no more than jumping over rocks or logs and watever else you run over. The music is great and the graphics are fantastic but it doesnt really offer a lot. Maybe you guys can make a minigame collection and put this in, or at least give us unlockables.

I love the art style and the colors one thing o think it would be super cool I f you had different unlockable little characters like in platform panic for the polar bear! That would be cool cause it get a little boring looking at the same bear over and over just an idea maybe in an update or some thing. Good graphics and good music!

Nitrome always makes high quality games. This one is no exception. An arcade style game worth having on your device.

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