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SendHub makes business SMS fast, simple, and effective. We offer an all-in-one online messaging solution to meet the SMS needs of businesses of all sizes.

Communicate More Effectively

Unlike email, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, providing a more effective way to communicate with employees, clients, customers or partners.

Simple, Scalable Solution
Easily send messages to individuals or small and large groups. Text provides consistent, fast communication in ways that voice and email can’t.

Cost Effective
Send bulk text messages at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Messages can be received on any phone, regardless of device requirements, operating systems, or app downloads.

Ad Free, US & Canada Only
US or Canadian Phone Number required for registration. 14 day free trial included. To end your trial, email Credit card required for free trial.
Support: For help, to port in your existing number, or to acquire a toll free number, contact:

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SendHub user reviews :

This is the slowest app I have ever used. Why does it take 10 seconds or more just to open a conversation in my inbox? Why does everything grind to a halt when I’m texting with someone? Is there a memory leak? I have no such issues with other chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Sendhub support is useless. They just say “update the app, uninstall añd reinstall.” I’ve gone through that song and dance countless times over the past three years with two different phones, and nothing improves. If Google Voice worked in Canada, I would ditch Sendhub in a heartbeat.

This has really changed the game for us! We send thousands of text messages and this app has created more efficiency in how we communicate in real time with our staff!

Permanent notification of my phone number in notification bar and lockscreen has to stop. Can’t stretch down from notification bar to see full text message. Accidentally blasted same message twice because the first sent scheduled message never showed up in inbox.

Great App My business is my representation 9 my number.

Excellent app with decent pricing. Will be using this in the future. Thanks!

Better than email for communicating with skydiving students

New version, still doesn’t work Just installed the latest update and it still has the same issues: Sign in cycles forever so you give up, only to find that you’re actually signed in an hour later. Buttons occasionally won’t function in the app when answering a call. So sometimes you answer a call and the app won’t recognize it. This means the in-call UI won’t load: there’s no way to mute or end the call. App freezes for no reason. If you minimize and reopen, it will freeze. If you lock your phone and reopen it will freeze.

I have been looking for an alternative to Google Voice for a while. I think I found it. It works a little easier and the interface on the app is nice.

It’s basically like having two phones for the price of one. Plus you can use it from the web too.

The app works pretty well. I’ve had a couple of force closes during setup but otherwise it’s smooth, responsive and the call quality is nearly on par with GrooVeIP. In future updates I hope to see use of the fragments API (since it looks blown up and unprofessional on a 10″ tablet) and integrated voice quality controls (since I’m sure this is what gives GrooVeIP the edge in call quality). I also wish it would transfer my contacts without having to upload them to your servers. Google already syncs my contacts between devices. Having a second service do it just uses more data for no good reason. All-in-all, though, a good start and just 3 steps from being a 5-star app.

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