Servants of the Night – Will you leave your humanity behind

[Game] Servants of the Night

Servants of the NightAfter waking up in the forest with a head injury and no memories, you follow the moonlit path to a nearby mansion.

To your surprise and confusion, the three handsome butlers greet you as if they’ve been awaiting your return! Apparently, you’re the mistress of the household who disappeared some years back.

The butlers immediately begin tending to your every need, from first aid, to clothing, and even food… But instead of a meal, they bring you a goblet of blood! It turns out your butlers are vampires, and with only a month until your twentieth birthday, you’ll soon have a choice to make… Will you leave your humanity behind?

In Servants of the Night, find out whether you really need a beating heart to fall in love!


Meet Joshua — The Elegant Majordomo

Joshua is exactly what you’d expect from the butler of an elite household—he’s impeccably groomed, scrupulously polite, and anticipates your needs before they even occur. He’s served your family for a long time and might hold the key to understanding your forgotten past…

Meet Neil — The Brash Butler

Neil does his job well, but you can’t shake the feeling that he doesn’t like you very much. He seems to hold humans in contempt, and since you lived with a human couple, he sees you as one of them. Can you get into his good graces, or are you doomed to an eternal cold shoulder?

Meet Philip — The Playful Butler

Philip is not what you expected from a vampire—or a butler, for that matter! He’s sweet and happy, and more than a little clumsy. You can’t help but feel comfortable around him though. Maybe spending time with Philip will help you reconnect with the happy memories of your childhood?

Servants of the Night user reviews :

Love the voices and music and how well written the story was. And the art, beautiful as always. I like how all three of the men had their own story as well how they met/ how they came to work for your family, and how their life was before

Honestly in my opinion this one actually when over my expectations of the game I really love how the plot is going and the characters personality are everything to me! This game is actually really good I really enjoyed it!

The graphics and the background music everything fit really well together, even the storyline was unique, the only complain i have is that the story or rather the ending was rushed, it would have been better if the ending was stretched a more this jumped to the final choices quickly. Otherwise overall a great game.

You guys never fail to entertain me! Yet another fantastic game~ But the thing is…PLEASE MAKE A YURI GAME! You guys have made multiple yaoi games, don’t you think it’s time for a yuri game? I’d def be happy asf if you guys finally release a yuri game

I wish I have in my life like that. It’s so lovely and romantic too. I love it

I love the game its amazing it’s so much drama I love it I hope you make more of this

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