She’s My Vampire – Could you be the secret to saving them

[Game] She’s My Vampire

She's My Vampire  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


You were enjoying a nice hiking trip up in the mountains until you got lost in the woods after a mishap at the peak. Luckily, you stumble upon an old mansion in the woods that’s inhabited by three BEAUTIFUL sisters! They offer you a room for the night, but something seems a little bit off about them. Before you know it, you find yourself chained to the wall in a dungeon! It turns out the three girls are vampires and need YOUR blood to gain more power as vampires!

Without a choice, you end up being imprisoned in their mansion waiting for the day of the ritual to come. But as you spend more time with them, you begin to realize that there’s more to these vampire girls than just blood lust…

Could you be the secret to saving them from their fate as vampires…?


Rosemary – The Mature Older Sister

She can seem cold and ruthless, but Rosemary deeply cares for her sisters and wants only the best for them. She doesn’t like you at first, but as you get to know her, she begins to soften up a little.

Blair – The Feisty Middle Child

She can be aggressive and more than a little abrasive at times, but you soon learn that this may just be an act to hide a much more vulnerable side of herself…

Lilith – The Innocent Youngest Sister

Lilith is kind-hearted and the least aggressive towards you of the three sisters. She genuinely seems to feel bad about imprisoning you and doesn’t seem all that happy about being a vampire.

She’s My Vampire user reviews :

Another spend money or get dumb answers. This isn’t worth the money you’d have to spend to get the options that make sense. The free options just suck. And if you don’t pay to continue to watch the story you’ll have to wait 2 hours between 3 minute chapters; for stupid answers.

Great story but why are gems so hard to expensive? And if you want to grind in the slot machine you have to do it for 4 hours to just get 1 premium question

This game is amazing but the number one thing that sucks and makes this game bad is how to get the gems and I hope they make another way to get gems but apart from that the game is really nice and I chose Blair

Great game but i recommend it that you will put an ads instead of paying or other way because not all could afford it i hope you change that overall it’s a great game

Yet another beautifully written story. 100 out of 10. Great job with characters, plot, and creativity. Keep it up!!!

I Like The Game Very Much…..But The Premium Choices and Gems Sucks And… .There Is only one choice you can pick others if u want to pick…We Would Spent Money….So….Please Tell Us More Ways To Earn That Gems iam giving 4 start beacuse of the gem…..Thanks Genius Studio….

Amazing! Such a beautiful adventure and definitely romantic. This game has such a great story that will make you laugh and grow onto the characters. Rose, Lilith, and Blare been together forever and the thought of that is mind blowing. Very good story that’s full of romance, action, and humor. I chose, Rose, she is so mature and always willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she loves and I admire that. I can’t wait for part 2 of even another vampire game, maybe a vampire yandere?!

Although you have to watch ads, count your blessings, you can get gems for free, when I first played these games you had to pay, but now you just need to get about 150 through 300 range of points every 5 hours and your able to get one to two+ done, I don’t get why people complain, this free gem method, according to what I know, isn’t standard it is the exception, so stop complaining.

You slowly build a connection with the girls, and you get to go through good and bad, my only point of criticism is that the premium options have a rather steep price. And it takes at least a day to get 10 rubies, and you need 20-32 rubies per premium choice. The prices for buying rubies are also extremely steep, and the way the writing is done it can make you feel like a bad person for not picking the premium choice.

I love the game, I think that these story’s are well made and I love them though I hate that you are restricted on choices in the game itself. And if I read correctly (Japan Studios) if I were to pay 4$ (US dollars) You would make about 438.45¥ (Yen) + advertising… my god.. I’d be nice to make some adjustments to make every premium choice to at least 5 gems (depending on how “good” it is) or remove it all together. Oh and the controls, I have to click several times to make a choice?

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