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[Game] Shoujo City

Shoujo City  Shoujo City is a dating simulator game where you’ll have to interact with cute anime girls in a virtual Japanese city.

Your goal in this anime dating sim is to win love of a girl in 10 days by giving her gifts, playing games, inviting to a cafe, or having regular dates. While talking to a girl, each dialogue choice affects your score.

Game features:

During dating scenes the girls are moving and interacting with you in real time – using polygonal graphics
Various locations often seen in anime games and series – school, park, shops, cafes, Shinto shrine, beach, and more
You can choose to play as a girl or as a boy
Alternating day/night cycles with different activities
Hand-drawn anime pixelart graphics
You can dress up your girl using cosplay items (like fox or cat ears, bows, chokers), or give her pet mascots she will carry on her head
Crane machine mini-games where you can win plush toys to use as gifts
A pocky mini-game – you’ll be rewarded with a kiss if you win
Each girl has a different personality, and requires a different approach
A unique yandere route if you choose to date Saori

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Shoujo City user reviews :

It’s very good! But I have a few complaints. Firstly, at least put a job where we can work freely without buying the master key. As you can see, most people in countries like mine cannot afford it. On that note, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get Saori’s ending as of now. Secondly, make the school more interactive, or add a dating spot at the tennis court. I think it would help players and make the game more interactive. Overall, the graphics are cute! (I have more to say but max is 500)

This is a really fun and simple game any one can play!! The goal is to find love within ten days all you do is go on dates with girls and make sure to pay attention to what they like to gain their affection. It is very fun and there isnt any gliches from what i have seen. Not everything is available without purchase.

I really like this game. I think the graphics are super simple and cute! I like the personalities of the characters though sometimes the goodbyes are weird cause sometimes they like bye bye but sometimes it offends them.

The dating in this game is much better than Shoujo City 3D. $15 might not be enough, you need strategy and don’t spend too much. You need to carefully spend money. And by the way, I know this sounds childish but can you make this game fully free? Because it’s no longer updated and pretty dead.

Super fun! But I really wish Saori would be replaced with a better girl. Coz she kills me in the game so I think because I am a 8 year old girl that isn’t childish unlike other kids so I think it becomes a bit dark because Saori kills me. Also I wish u can customize your character also I want more girls. And I really want to eat something than just drink drinks. Also for those who keep complaining about the $15, JUST BUY THE DARN MASTER KEY AND CATCH SQUIRRELS AND SELL IT ON SQUIRREL HQ.

I think it can be good but it should have some adjustments. Like a way to get more money. Since things are expensive in the game I think the squirrels should be more money. Normal can be 5$ and night can be 10$. Or maybe we could work in one of the stores or Cafe’s. I also think the time limit should be extended. I think there should be more places to date and extend the map. (Maybe even make a school.)

I really like this game but sadly , we can’t earn money without buying the premium “key” in my country its very expensive because its not using $ , so please can you make that we can get a job at a cafe or anything where we can earn money , because its so sad that we only get 15$ maybe you can make it to 100$ or 55$ I know its to much and its only my review but please do this for us! (And I will rate it 5 stars :3 )

I like it because I like the animation and and how they did the characters and stuff and I love everything about this game except that there’s just one feature that I would like to include well not feature but how do you get money more money in this game

Hello, please improve the game more, I think this is underrated and need to be added more features :) Edit: Please make a new game like this except you can play as a guy who can romance other guys, please it will make my mlm side happy

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