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SkiplaggedFind cheap flights and hotel rates you won’t see anywhere else. Save hundreds of dollars compared to other travel sites.

Discover extraordinary travel deals, set fare alerts, and uncover great hotel rates.

We’re so good, United Airlines actually sued us for it!

Find flights other search engines won’t show you — including HIDDEN-CITY flights and arbitrary round-trips
Filter flights by duration, number of layovers, takeoff/landing time and more
Our powerful search engine pulls in the best deals to save you from having to google flights and check multiple sites
Monitor prices for trips you have in the hopper and let us alert you when the best deal is available
Book hotels as well, including last-minute hotels and special deals
Filter hotels, read reviews and view traveler ratings
We now offer car rental as well, so you can use one app as your complete trip planner
Our new Stories feature lets you book activities for your vacation – take a brewery tour, rent a kayak, or buy tickets in advance and get your guide to museums and exhibits

The fine print: a HIDDEN-CITY flight is a flight where you get off at the layover rather than the final destination. For example, a flight from New York to San Francisco might be $300, but a similar flight from New York to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco might be $200. If you’re going to San Francisco we’ll show you both flights, and if you choose the cheaper one, you get off the plane at the layover (San Francisco) rather than going to the final destination (Seattle).

This is perfectly legal and the savings can be significant, but if you’ve never traveled like this before, you should read our HIDDEN-CITY FAQ at

We’ll always show you all the options, so YOU can pick the deal you want!

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Skiplagged user reviews :

Love Skiplagged, used them for years and they truly have the best prices, but app is frustrating to use. For 1, I’m trying to book a hotel & it won’t let me input my State or country, which is causing the cards to decline. So in essence this makes the app useless. Please fix. Thank you for fast response in fixing, changed my rating.

  • Apologies for the inconvenience. We’ve fixed the issue where text wasn’t visible in State and Country fields on some devices, although it was still functional. Please restart the app and make sure you are on version 3.7.2, . If the issue persists, contact me at sebastian[at] with screenshots.

I buy most of my flights in this site, never had a problem. Recently I saw that the app change for the worst, it looks old, hard to explore, the interface is not user friendly. The previous update was just perfect and easy. I can’t shop through the app now, the desktop site still has that old interface, hope they leave it as it is.

Skiplagged is one of my best personal assistant. It’s helpful with my travels for keeping expenses fair priced and transparent. Thank you so much for being a good friend to consumers!

Hey——since I found, or came across Skiplagged, it is primarily the only site that I use for searching really good & terrific, and excellent deals!! I really & truly love this site!! Thanks & Thank you!!——–Paul Barfield!!!

My go-to app for finding the best combination of length of trip and best days to travel. Comparing this app with a ton of other apps and this one always has the best selection of flight combos, best prices, and the sliding scale helps to choose the best travel days. If I could improve it, I’d ask the developers to make specific flight combos “saveable as favorites” rather than just the overall search as saveable. Otherwise, for all the missions trips we take, this app is the best.

Easy and reliable app I use to find cheap flights. Remember when you book through skipplagg, you tend to lose your right to refunds or reschedule due to unforseen circumstances. App does what it is expected to do, convenience allows you to book through the site. I use it to find flights and then book through the actual airline. Just a thought.

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