Sky Fighters 3D – Become the supreme lord of the skies

[Game] Sky Fighters 3D

Sky Fighters 3D  Climb into the cockpit of your favorite fighter aircraft, get ready to take-off, and soar into the skies brimming with visceral dogfights!

Fly solo as a lone wolf or command a fleet of acrobatic aircraft to establish air superiority over the battlefield. Perform dizzying acrobatic maneuvers, get the enemy in your sights and hit the trigger to shoot them down. Become the supreme lord of the skies in Sky Fighters now!

Game Features:

48+ realistic missions including air-to-air and air-to-surface combats
Pilot 10+ authentic planes with rich weapons customization
Amazing 3D graphics, intuitive controls and immersive gameplay

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Sky Fighters 3D user reviews :

Daily rewards bugged: i get a message to check the network. If you play this game, be ready to get plane number 5 pretty easy and then either grind a few months or pay to buy another plane.

The fact that there is an add right on the play screen next to the controls, very easy to click by mistake is really annoying.

Nice game. My phone doesn’t crash but I had a hard time earning money. I have 1 request: please, please, please let other players in. Just add an option. I know this is single player but it would be so nice if we could also play with others whether as a team or fight other player 1v1 not just a.i. (it’s fun playing with a.i. too) and hopefully we could still join even through hotspot. That’s all. Please accept my request. T^T -라일락 꽃

It is a good game,but one thing bothering me,is when enemy’s attacks me and launch a bomb can be difficulty to dodge it and hit directly,and when I want to revive can be difficult because of diamonds and the way of getting it is too difficult

Awesome game not as 3d and complicated just pretty simple and calm .my only request there has to be an online mode , real time players and not AI mode thx would actually appreciate that

I really dig the game; I like the non stop action.. But the price of the planes are alittle to expensive,, the earning that you receive is only a increment to what the cost of upgrades and jets.. besides there is only 4 that you can actually buy! Let’s not be so greedy guys.

Not joking this game is much more fun .. My first time I play airplanes 9 February 2022 better than shooting… They have more level 20 to 100.. ( other is 104 is lock) they have cool skins.. Is like simple app but inside so wow .. Childhood gaming

It a good and wonderful game but there is a problem I have to know where the missile is coming from all I see is just missile attack then boom it never shows on my radar I should be able to see the missile on my radar

Its a really good Game, i recommend it to you guys!, oh and about it, you might get frustrated because when you reach like about level 2-1, it gets harder and more harder but when it gets harder and more harder it gets really fun and more and more fun!..if you guys dont like it or either love it, or maybe Neither of them, but, its still a great game for, soldiers and like police officers!, but i dont think they’ll like it though its for kids not for adults..thank you for this!

This is an exceptional flight game.controls are smooth. Alot of grinding to simply buy a new jet. No offerings in the way of buying higher improved weaponary upgrades. Only couple of jets are available to start with. Played it to the point where interest was lost. Alot upgrades, aircraft, weaponary needs to be available from the start you can expect alot of grinding just to buy newer planes. Ive dropped my rate from 5 to 3. Ive find other apps more to my liking

The game is good. But you can’t save your progress you made in this game. I request developer to add support of googl play or any other way to save the game progress.

Great game.. It is a five star game. I have soms suggestion, add multiplayer and also put direction for where the missile is coming from…

No argue with anything, in just 17 mb it’s a great fighter & controller game, as good as a 100 mb game deserves. No more wrong comment it’s a fabulous game in low data.

Only action game experience. It is an intresting percpective. It is an intresting app game. Hope that I pass most of the levels. Nice modern modem flying game.

The planes in this are cool in this game. And it dose not thake that much space. And it is easy to play.And in this game in battle mode is so hard. And challange mode is super easy. But the planes are expensive. And this game is high graphics.

This is a very good game and I recommend this game is very easy and good to play. It’s offline so even without internet you can play it.

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