Sky Warriors – Experience the thrill of realistic aerial battles

[Game] Sky Warriors – Airplane Combat

Sky Warriors  Join the Sky Warriors today and become an ace pilot!

Experience the thrill of realistic aerial battles and engaging enemies in adrenaline-packed 3D dogfights!

Real PvP Multiplayer! Enter a squadron and play online with your friends against real players around the world.

Modern and realistic fighter planes! Fly the best and most advanced war machines in the world, with jet-powered aircraft from several countries!

Download the newest modern air combat mobile game, for free, now!

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Sky Warriors user reviews :

Fun and reminiscent of War Wings but a modern version. Looking forward to more game modes. Graphically quite nice and engaging. Not a fan of fuel tanks! Why would you limit the amount of time potential followers can spend playing the game. Run out of fuel? Play someone else’s game! How does that help these devs? Get rid of it. If the game is good enough and the price is right people will pay to support although I ain’t parting with £97.99 that’s for sure.

The combat is excellent. The graphics are wonderful. The jet selection is good for a new game. The gyroscope controls are not the best for they only control one axis not two. If you have a paint job or camo you like you can only purchase it per plane so you have to purchase it multiple times. There should definitely be an offline mode not just online, besides practice.

Controls for the aircraft are very jittery. It’s like an on/off switch. Serious lack of smoothness. The joystick is smaller than my thumb, which makes the issue worse. Basic controls only let you do slight turns left and right. You can’t roll without using the annoying advanced controls with gyroscope. Nothing ‘advanced’ about it. Even gyro controls suffer from the same on/off switch application.
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hello, Patrick, hanks for the feedback. You can set different controls by going to “Settings” in our main menu. Advanced controls let you have more control over the plane, and you can also choose whether to use gyroscope or not! We are also going to add controller support very soon, keep an eye out for that!
It has great potential but it seems to have a lot pay2win and the controls are the worst thing in the game, I’d give it 4 stars if the controls were better. I suggest making the advanced controls mode a bit less sensitive and support up and down movement.
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Tarek, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. We understand that the voice of our community is super important and we will take your feedback and pass it along to the development team so that we can make Sky Warriors the best game possible. Hopefully we will be able to change your opinion in the future and make Sky Warriors 5 stars for you!

This game is very good for a mobile game . But Hay if developer of this game is seen this comment. Can you add shadows too the planes . Like in war thunder. Please see war thunder and improve the graphics the shadows need working

Great Dog Fight game, i do really really enjoyed play this game, but some system that I don’t really like it are the chest openi waiting time, maybe make it the player can unlock all the chest but still wait for all the chest to open, and the currency for buying the planes maybe using coin than diamond, overall the game is good, and one thing please don’t use fuel to play the game, cuz when it’s addicting it’s hard to stop playing XD
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Benjamin, thanks for sharing your opinion with us! We understand that the voice of our community is super important and we will take your feedback into consideration so we can make Sky Warriors the best game possible!
Its good, but so limited, only 2 game modes and still rebalancing some things. Minor glitches with the camera when you do a barrel roll, brake then turn to accelerate. Waiting on chests to open for 2-8 hrs. also upgrades takes time to boot, need it delivered then equipped. Graphics and controls aren’t bad, lots of practice/tutorials if needed. Can cruise with a smaller plane and climb the ranks a bit. Eventually hitting the wall bc of limitations. Will comeback when it gets better. Keep it up!!
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Pilot, thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that your experience has been impacted negatively, so I’ve collected your feedback to pass along to our development team. Sky Warriors has just reached Global Launch and with this, we plan to keep updating and improving the game based on feedback, so we really appreciate your input!

Latest Update :

December events: added content to celebrate the holidays season
Sky Cup Improvements: we improved communication inside the Sky Cup feature
Bug fixes and improvements

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