Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing – Drive and boost your way to victory

[Game] Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing

Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing  BOOM KARTS – a real time online multiplayer PVP racing game!

Drive and boost your way to victory and become the best kart racer in the world


Multiplayer racing that happens in real time against players from around the world
Gain crazy power ups to dominate your opponents
Create custom games to race against your friends
Earn chests to unlock rewards
Customization options for your karts and avatar
Drift your way around the tracks and boost your kart
Find shortcuts to get the best track times
Unlockable karts and customization parts to personalise your game
Boom Pass: Earn epic rewards for racing

Jump in and race your way to victory in this online arcade PVP karting game.

Boom Karts is a free-to-play online multiplayer PVP kart racing game. Race your opponents to the podium or tackle the challenges to earn your bragging rights. Challenge your friends in real time multiplayer races with custom lobbies and create the rules of the race. Upgrade and customize your karts and racer with items earned through game play.

Ready… Set… BOOM!

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Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing user reviews :

If you are looking for a Mario kart like game then this is for you. Sort of. The game is ridden with bugs such as random teleporting, not receiving trophies after winning and, worst of all, loss of progress. But the games updates have made this happening pretty unlikely. And no matter how fast your kart is its always not enough.The game play is fun (when you actually win) and it is a good way to kill time. However it does get boring after a while. But overall it’s a great game!

Update: I gave it a 4 star review but now I want to give it only 3 stars because of “commercial break”. Don’t force me to watch ads. If I want to see an ad, I would do so by opening a crate.
  • Fingersoft
  • *edit* Hello Savu! Thanks for your feedback, we have reduced the amount of ads in the game. There are still some ads as they help us fund the game
Imma be honest this aint bad, the ads are a little annoying but what do you expect its a mobile game, the gameplay aint laggy the tracks are cool, and the power-ups are also pretty damn cool, and as far as I can tell this game aint pay to win, yes there are ways you can pay to give yourself a boost but its absolutely not needed to win. 10/10 game. Adding more now, this game is amazing honestly amazing, probably one of the best racers on mobile as of right now
  • Fingersoft
  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback for Boom Karts! We have reduced the frequency of the ads. I hope you enjoy our future updates.
I loved this game. Too many bots but other than that great. Sadly the last 2 mths of 2 updates my phone won’t connect online. Co stant contact with developers who dont give a rat’s scat it doesn’t work. Why would I spend money when customer service is so poor. Having to walk away now because it now forces updates on older versions. Fingersoft are now a major disappointment. Great job guys.
  • Fingersoft
  • Hello! I spoke to our support team and they are aware of your issue and have sent an email requesting for more details. I hope we can resolve this issue for you.

This game is simply amazing I am playing this game since last 2 moths and there is no defects in this game at all. I really enjoy playing this game. There is only one defect I found in this game that is . It is very hard to get new vehicles in this game I think they should solve this problem a soon as possible. Rest this game is amazing. And I will say this is the best multiplayer racing game I have ever played . That’s it from my side . Thank you

Fun game but no explanation anywhere on how you get tokens. I notice at the end of race everyone has tokens and I don’t. Are the earned,? Sometimes some are added within a few hours and then 24 hours go by and still no tokens. Plus no description on what the power ups do

The problem of ” you have logged out of your device . Please login again . Are you using this on two devices at the same time ? ” has been solved and now I can play it . Thanks fingersoft . I also play hill climb racing 2 and enjoy it too.
  • Fingersoft
  • Hello! Thanks for your interest in Boom Karts! The game proved to be very popular and we had some server issues which have now been fixed. Could you please update your game to the latest version and you will be able to get into the game. Happy racing!

Game is great but the main problem is when you create a party and invite your friends.. they won’t get you have to send them invite rapidly. So please improve party features.

The game is pretty good! Having a lot of fun. Have 2 suggestions though: track 23 of the adventure is a brick wall, even if you grab all the clocks you need to do a perfect run to be able to pass it. You should divide the time in equal parts between the clocks instead of giving a lot of time in the start and then only a few seconds between clocks.Also the area for the left and right buttons feels small sometimes when you have to use a boost/weapon and then come back to the turn right button.

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