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[Game] Snaky .io – MMO Worm Battle

Snaky  How long can you stay alive in the epic battle of snakes?

Enter an enormous arena full of players all around the world! Grow fast, climb to the leaderboard’s top, and win a Snake King title!

Regardless of your strategy, there is simply one rule you should remember. If you bump into other worms, you lose. So, encircle as many rivals as possible, make them collide with you, steal their treats to grow faster, and slink away from the bigger snakes.

Ally with other snakes in the zone to play against other teams! Enjoy the fun 2-team-battles and challenging 3-team battles. Use advanced tactics and catch other worms into your traps.

Are you the master of PvP battles? Try to survive in the worm zone with 3 venom & angry snakes. Slither fast and furiously, eat as much food as possible, make other worms collapse, and get the highest score before the time runs out.

Show you’re the coolest snake in the zone! Cute animals & pets, famous characters & superheroes, different flags & emojis, and dozens of other super cool masks are available! Earn worm points, win slither battles, and buy special eggs to unlock unique skins for your snake to show off among the rivals in the worms zone!

Play this amazing worm game wherever you want with no WiFi. Play against tough mobs and get special worm bonuses in one of the best offline io games!

Set new personal records, boast in social media, and earn slithery rewards! Show your friends who is the best!

Try to beat all opponents, grow the biggest cobra, dominate the io leaderboard in this fun MMO game. Download now!



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Snaky user reviews :

Best game ever….but i have a problem pls make a online mode for real players ai for offline players pls and the backround make a custom or choosing backround like blue or black or candies and pls make the game easier pls pls in the other update ok im done…..

This game is pretty good but it has been hard to control so I continue losing and also the food in some of my games are disappearing out of nowhere Other then that the game is pretty good

It would be fun if I had an option to play with real players, also when u get big, ur snake is like one big blog,, snake should be defined…

Amazing game! I ended up buying it. I might have played too much, my left hand is hurting

This game is good but it takes to long to get in the game

Very fun and I love the music is very soothing

This is a great game and the worms are good from worms of worms zone

Beware all of the fake 5 star reviews here, in broken english, funny that they all came on the same days huh? This game is boring. It’s all AI bots that you play against, and it poses no challenge. The big snakes can turn as sharply as little ones making it unrealistic (I understand the irony of that statement). If you don’t have internet connection and you need a fix of snake chasing games, you might want to try it, I deleted after 15 minutes. Ads aren’t bad they are skippable after 5 secs.

The reason why I rate this game 5 stars is because this game has great graphics, controls (the witch is easy to use) and very fun. If you download this game you will really stay on it forever, it’s a fun and very easy (but not too easy) game to win, earn new characters

This is a good game. But it needs something else…. potions…. obstacles. There is also a glitch that does not let you turn. Please fix! If you want a good experience, try the team duels. And if you use the arrow or joystick, go into the settings in the game, and go to controls.

It’s a great game. It would be great without ads and it would be great if we could create our own skins that basically customize the look and maybe also have lobby where the code is and you can invite friends and play snake .io will be much better. a small requirement. Everything else awaits …

So the good news is that the game is back up and running right now and there’s no longer 3/4 of the screen missing. It’s a pretty cool game, plus I love messing with the AI in it. I also gave a challenge to get to the edge of the map without making your Snaky taller than 10 and not touching …

Great! Lots of things to choose from after you unlock it. You can watch more to get the good stuff. Good control, game play as well. There are even events like every other day where you can play to get interesting skins.

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