Solitaire Dog – Adopt and take care of your puppy

[Game] Solitaire Dog

Solitaire DogGame Features

Challenging Tripeaks Solitaire to train your brain and help you get smarter.
Adopt and take care of your puppy
Makeover 10+ room
10+ breeds of dogs
Challenging solitaire to keep your puppy happy
Each day for bonus gifts to keep the solitaire going!
Wild Cards and boosters to help you harvest your wins.

Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun and challenging solitaire card game. Play challenging card games online that will train your brain and keep you sharp or kick back and relax as you enjoy Solitaire My Dog.

There you have it. If you like classic card games like mahjong, pyramid, klondike solitaire, and puzzle games, you’ll have a lot of fun playing Solitaire My dog! Download this one free Solitaire TriPeaks game and play today, and you won’t be searching for solitaire card games free any longer.

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Why does everyone have to have the same username? Ex: player185ex56gd usernames should be unique. Not to where people can use the same username after another person. Then the fact that the username changes after you re-enter the game after you’ve done set it already but won’t stay as that username. Guy’s I know a trick to rescuing the puppy before the water hits high.

  • We will fix this issue in version 1.0.2

This game is super cute, and unlike a lot of games where the ads are BS, it is true to a lot of things including design and mini games. But it pretty much forces you to P2P by upping the cost of each round and upping the cost of extra cards/wild cards. It’ll even give you repeat cards over and over forcing you to get extra cards 3-4 times. The coins you win don’t cover the next round and it takes an hour to get any free extras. Unless you P2P don’t expect to get very far.

It’s alright as a card game but what I don’t like is why is there a time game where the dog can drown if your not fast enough. It’s just cruel to me. I know it’s a game but still why add it. That’s kinda like to me with the hogwarts moblie game and the devil snare choking your character. I’m not fast at playing the game and was just playing it to relax till I came across that gameplay.

Not so fun in my opinion, liked the my dog game much more where you had three dogs in the room and actually interact with your dogs and be able to change them when wanting another dog in the room, here you can’t even do that or choose the furniture colors and have fun or choose skin colors for them and interact with others

Great game, great fast play, great graphics!!! One of the best out there, 10 stars

different types of doggies and cute costumes

You might let the players pick the items.

this game is adorable I like the puppies in the game

Ok card game but you can’t actually interact with the dog, so what is the point of having one.

I don’t like that you try to force the people to rescue the puppy from water and constantly lose. Take that part out or I’ll quit playing. Cruelty like drowning a puppy has no place in a game.

fun fun fun and so relaxing the dogs are nice and cute really enjoy myself playing it.

Spelling errors within the game, for example, ‘Jion’ instead of join in the dog race screen. Too much focus on using money to play the levels, just let me play as many levels as many times as I want to until I eventually pass the level.

I like the concept of building and renovating a house with a pet to entertain me whilst sorting out the cards and putting them in the correct order. It is a relaxing game that I find to be not too complex but thought provoking.

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