Solitaire Tripeak Journey 2022 – Relax your mind

[Game] Solitaire Tripeak Journey 2022

Solitaire Tripeak Journey 2022 Start your magical solitaire game with a lot of fun! Play free solitaire game after game, and relax your mind.

Solitaire is a great way to stay sharp just like hearts, mahjong and word search. Mental sharpness is something that we all struggle with at the end of the day, so play solitaire free of charge. This solitaire app is not like the standard solitaire game.

At Solitaire Tripeaks Journey, you will have a blast and get a chance to play solitaire with friends.


Star/Level Chest: Collect stars to open the Star/Level chest to win abundant rewards.
Undo: Tap “Undo” icon to try again, you can play the card you’ve missed.
Combo Bonus: Additional bonuses will be awarded for continuous removing the cards.
Wild Card: You can use the wild card to remove any cards you want to get rid of.
Remove 3 Cards: After choosing this booster, you get rid of 3 cards in the beginning.


1000+ levels to play
Lots of unique Solitaire card game layouts
New fun solitaire game twists
Complete your collection and boost your gameplay
Easy to play yet challenging to master – let’s see if you can win!?

Solitaire Tripeaks Journey is a free solitaire card game to download and free to play for everyone. But you can purchase in-app items, such as extra moves or lives.

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Solitaire Tripeak Journey 2022 user reviews :

I like the way the game flows, and winning most of the games, cuz well … Losing sucks. It’s also giving something along the lines of rewards. So with the money stocked ya don’t have to jump through hoops to keep the momentum going, thank you for that. And now hopefully this doesn’t come back to somehow bite me in the pasqueeter, as most of the time, after giving a good rating, it usually does.

I’m really enjoying this game! It keeps you busy and hasn’t frustrated me yet. Pleasantly surprised. I have insomnia and have tried alot of others. I was up all night with this one and it hasn’t let me down!

It was fun till you get down to your last card an can’t just stop to redo the level cause it makes you use your wild or +5 cards. I’d rather save those an just quit so I can redo the level. But nope, game doesn’t give you that option. Too bad.. I uninstalled.

I really like that when I choose to collect without watching an ad it does not force one on me anyway!

Like this game very much. No glitches yet Only issue is at every turn there is the offering for this and that attached to an ad. This is not a story line. But I know you have to have them so I will continue to play.

Nice, enjoyable, no forced ADS…but what a money making app, eventually u r forced to buy

Only just started this game but so far I like it. You can choose averts if you want more money but I don’t.

Pretty fun, minimal ads. Like the variety in the gameplay

You have to pay coins for each game so it’s set up to get you to buy coins. Lately the game stopped acknowledging a win and there’s no support available. Disappointed.

  • Hello dear players, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us more detailed information to to help us solve the problem.

So far it’s a fair game we will see if they are a 5 . Usually when you give these games a 5 then the game starts going down hill afterwards I hope this game is not like that. So far it’s good

Like this game a lot it’s a lot of fun solitary is one of my favorite games but I give this game a five or 10

I love this game! Iam disabled and have tried many. You never have to stop if you know what to do. One of my favorites

Level 1522 will not allow you to complete. No cards left and you still cannot pass.

  • Thank you for giving us feedback on game related issues. We are actively investigating the problem, the problem is clearly modified we will be the first to inform you, but also hope you can give more support!

Back and having a “Blast”! Super fun! The rewards and extras are great. Thanks to the design team.

I’ve been playing this game for about a month. I’m on level 159. But the thing is they offer you a choice of card backs. But I can’t get them for some odd reason what seems to be the deal or what level do you have to be on to get it

  • Thanks for your feedback and support. The prerequisite for card back selection is to obtain the card back, you do not have access to additional card backs and therefore cannot select them. Regarding the acquisition of additional card backs, from time to time during holidays, we will open events related to the acquisition of card backs included.

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