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[Game] Somewhere

SomewhereSomewhere is an interactive fiction designed to be experienced in real-time on your mobile device over the course of several days.

You are tasked with helping Cat, a culture journalist caught up in a whistleblowing case. She reaches out to you via text message, and your job is to guide her through a series of challenges and situations to help her investigate and… stay alive!

The story plays out in real time: you will receive notifications throughout your day as Cat is sending you new messages. You can directly answer or catch up later when you’re available.
Search clues on the web, face random events, help her find her way using Google Maps, but beware, your choices will have consequences!

Reach one of the different endings and then you’ll be able to jump back to earlier points in the story, see what happens when you make a different choice, and explore different paths.

Somewhere is a deeply immersive story about mass surveillance and freedom of press, with several different endings.
Cat counts on YOU!

No in-app purchases, no ads and no Internet connection required.

Somewhere is created by:
Vincent Salaün
Thomas Gosselin

User Reviews :

I would give it five stars but I can’t figure out how to get to the end of the game! After so many times of trying it gets frustrating! I can’t find any help online I can’t find any answers anywhere isn’t this game supposed to be fun? Answers to developer: I am stuck in the blizzard and she keeps dying of hypothermia. I do like the game its very challenging and I don’t mind the challenge it just gets very frustrating and then not fun. Also, it’s very difficult to find the areas on Google maps.
  • Norseman Interactive
  • From what I recall, when she’s in the blizzard you can either ask her to go back and find a shelter or go through the blizzard. Both otions are valid. Only thing is that she must never stop walking. If you have the option, tell her to go of a signal rocket. (also, tap 3 times on the word ‘Settings’ in the game menu, it will enable rewind)

This game was good you should try it! The story was exciting and interesting But I feel like it needs part 2? I finally reach the end of the story,we successfully get all the info and stop the company plan but… I’m not totally satisfied on the end I want to know more about what happen next! and if ever its has a part 2 I’ll be willing to play it too!

Very annoying that the longevity of the game comes from time locking segments. Also those time locks are very frequent and the content in between is so short. Fast mode should be unlocked upon payment and not until the game is completed once. It’s quite like chatting with a flaky friend….

It was OK. I would have enjoyed more alternative paths and less death scenes. If you’re going to have so many death scenes, then make the fast mode more accessible otherwise it just becomes frustrating.

Ganda nang istorya… It felt like I was just talking to a good friend on chat… I struggled alot finding her location on google maps and giving her directions, but I managed… The story is not “just pure fun”, but also “educational”, you could pick a thing or two especially when it comes to survival…

i really liked it so far but i can change my answers which kinda feels like cheating Edit: i could change them before purchasing the full application so it was before finishing the game, after buying the app this wasn’t an issue anymore.
  • Norseman Interactive
  • Thanks for your comment! How is that you can change your answers? Did you finish the game once already?

i like the so far its just I never receive any notification from the game. I already turned on priority on it and still notification thats why I just randomly open it and or open it in long intervals to continue playing.

It’s a well thought out game where the answers you choose might not always be the right one. It’s a great indie adventure that can teach you things along the way. I’m proud to know that I played this game during the beta phase and can now see where it went.

Last Update :

The full story is now available through a single in-app purchase.
We hope that you will enjoy the game! <3

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