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[Game] Soul Land Reloaded

Soul Land Reloaded  Attention all manga and web novel fans, Soul Land Reloaded has finally come!

100% based on the original Soul Land story and officially licensed by the Soul Land series. Experience Tang San’s epic journey, meet Shrek Seven Devils, hunt down Soul Beasts, and conquer Sea God Island.

Game Features:

Official Copyright License
Soul Land Reloaded is in direct cooperation with the Soul Land anime series, we aim to provide our players with an experience that matches reading the original novel or watching anime, from character personality to exciting plot twists, you’ll find all the familiar Soul Land elements here.

No Wasted Investment
There’s no useless Martial Soul in Soul Land, just like there’s no wasted investment in the game, all resources you spent can be refunded by reincarnating heroes. There are also various convenient functions that you can use to reach the top faster.

Real-time Combat
True Soul Masters never stand still in battle, control your character to dodge dangerous enemy attacks, find advantageous points to outplay your opponents, activate ultimate at the right moment to maximize your damage or negate enemy skills.

Insane progression Speed
Free 10 pull for your first 7 days log-in, super high drop rate, and multiple guaranteed summons, all your favorite characters can be collected with ease. On top of that, there are countless in-game events and free daily gifts for you to claim.

Build Heroes and Compete
Sometimes you just need to show them the color of your Soul Ring, and if that’s not enough, flex your Martial Soul and Extended Soul Bone. In Soul Land Reloaded, you will develop your characters like a real Soul Master, and you know what to do next, compete with other players for the Ultimate Douluo Title.

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For a better gaming experience, please make sure your device
Minimum Android system version: 5.0
Minimum RAM 512M

Soul Land Reloaded user reviews :

The nostalgia is real, the game looks awesome and its also fun, honestly great job.
New Times Game

Dear Skip Hell,Glad you like it! You could follow our Facebook page to get the latest news and kinds of welfare! If you have any issues, please feel free to send to soulland[at]! If this reply can help you, please give us a 5-star comment :)we sincerely appreciate your supporting.

The game in itself is alright, nothing new from your typical gacha, pretty much a money grabber . Don’t expect to be able to compete with whales or anyone that spends money on the game as f2p because it won’t happen. However, if you just want a casual experience and like Douluo Dalu then you’ll enjoy the game, it’s got a range of characters, you do need to be technical with your lineups and all other features are actually alright. Game is alright, but nothing special . Prepare to spend money.
  • New Times Game
  • Dear Bernardo, thanks very much for your feedback! please send to soulland[at] with the details. It will help us a lot to improve the game. We also hope you enjoy our game~If this reply can help you, please give us a 5-star comment :) we sincerely appreciate your supporting.
I tried contacting the developer’s about a purchase issues in which I didn’t receive items and they failed to get back with me and fix the issue. Beyond this the game is fantastic but failing to get in touch with the consumer about their money they spent on your game for items is just appalling. Maybe if they fixed this issue I’d give a better rating.
  • New Times Game
  • Dear Tainted Shadow, Sorry to bring you a bad gaming experience! please send to soulland[at] with your problem. We will follow up to help you deal with it. If this reply can help you, please give us a 5-star comment :)we sincerely appreciate your supporting.
Extremely Pay To Win… Edit: Upgrading to 3 stars because even if their are alot of events the rates are not optimal for free to play players, We spend our time because we don’t have abundance of Money at hand… Especially this pandemic… Overall it’s a fun game and I like the Manhwa very much will continue to play this for a few weeks to check out the potential “fun” it may bring.
  • New Times Game
  • Dear Nathan Balinas, thanks for contacting us! We have many operation events which can gain abundance of rewards! Besides, we also hold many events in our FB @SoulLandReloaded and DC @Soul Land Reloaded to get kinds of welfare.If this reply can help you, please give us a 5-star comment :), we sincerely appreciate your supporting!

Latest Update :

1. VIP Pack reward optimization.
2. Loading page update.
3. BGM Update
4. Add resource for future events and characters.
5.Fixed some bugs.
6.Other optimization

Contact developer :


Video :

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