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Spread Signs  World’s largest sign language dictionary with over 200 000 signs!

Learn American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish sign language.

Spread Signs user reviews :

Best international sign language app on the market. It is more like a dictionary than a learning app. It is still worth supporting the project with a purchase.

Love it…I just wish it can covert english words in different languages to see how to sign. Example – Animal in Korean from English text.

I have yet to find an app that has worked as hard at this one at being comprehensive and incorporating so many different sign languages. It was a HUGE help when interacting with the Deaf in Europe. Maybe should add a warning that you only get the dictionary for free. It seems a lot of reviews were upset about that. I think it’s 100% worth the $5 for the full version. If not they also have a great website. Thanks so much for developing this!

This app is so helpful. I am an asl student and have been learning for a year but there are still some signs I dont know. So I find it handy to carry this app around. The app’s layout is extremely clean and easy to use. There are other tabs you can’t use without buying the full version but I find the dictionary helpful either way. Overall I’ve had a great experience with this app and I would encourage other hearing people to take an interest in the deaf community.

1st off you have to pay for this app 2nd you have to pay for literally all the functions without knowing if they will work even after payment 3rd I cannot do anything I can’t check the alphabet the only thing I can do is search that’s it I don’t recommend

At first I was excited to use the app to learn other languages or at least some more words. however i dont feel i can trust an app to properly portray these languages if they cant even portray ASL. Tons of the signs on this app are just wrong. Would not recommend

Excellent! Would be 5 stars, but when I purchased the paid version it wasnt available on family library. My family is learning ASL, can’t spend money on apps that don’t let me share it with my household. Elsewise 5 stars.

Very good app. I wish there was a “repeat” mode, like on the website, So I could watch the clip several times without hitting play. Also, a section for new words and more International sign words would be nice.

The application offers both individual words as well as some basic sentences. It offers an option to create lists of favorite words. It doesn’t have an offline mode which means you cannot watch a video without internet access. It gets the job done.

I like this app, but every time I want to take a look on baby signs it allows me to scroll through, but all of sudden it auto refreshes and gives me suddenly less options available… Then I have to restart the app and it just goes the same cycle.

I bought this app years ago. Now it’s asking me to purchase it again. Why is that? I thought I was paying for a lifetime. Let me know something, please…

Seems to be pretty good. I got some retail bookmarks. I have a hearing impaired person who comes in. Hopefully this will help us communicate better! I’m learning!!

Amazing app! Please keep developing. Add a numbers category. Using it for Greek, Bulgarian, and Romanian signs.

I was learning desire various words through India Sign Language (ISL) but no more new words as limited words, please improve new many words of ISL must be working new various words in Oxford Dictionary English…

this app is quick and simple to use. comes in handy when im at deaf socials! it beats flipping through a dictonary at times!

Great app for reference I use it all the time. Would be nice to have a tab with recently added signs.

Good apps We have been interesting to learn more words for sign language. Thank you for added Indian Sign Language. & Thanks a lot the Spread the sign apps.

It better vocabulary and but you will must that one sentences with English , two parts explain sign give me I can make understand and I very love spread signs app and can’t hate it

This is very great good app to useful.I would like to interest listening and reading with the Sign language.

huge number of signs in a huge number of languages, but the chosen languages seem odd? like, theres no Auslan, but they have Urdu (Pakistan) Sign Language. would really love for Auslan becahse theres not many resources for it, and its not the same as BSL.

This is fantastic, really helped me learn to communicate with my non hearing customers!

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