Super Hamster Ball – Explore the mysterious underworld

[Game] Super Hamster Ball

Super Hamster Ball  You’re a hamster who escaped the pet shop.

Control cute, lovable hamsters to explore the mysterious underworld!

a puzzle action game with easy controls for quick fun.
Choose among hamsters with different personalities and quirks, along with sturdy hamster balls.
Explore the various underworlds with monsters as cute as the hamsters and hidden gimmicks!
Try to achieve 3-star stage clears!

How to Play
Tap the left/right side of the screen to move the character horizontally.
Retrieve all the keys on the screen and bring them to the door.
Step on baddies who threaten the hamsters.

Super Hamster Ball user reviews :

The controls are smooth and responsive and the pixel art is just adorable and pretty! Can certainly recommend it!

Love the game. You nailed the hamster personalities. Can you please add a new hamster called brownie thats gonna be brown with white belly and male. Stats are 4hp 4 keys 2speed. Plz add this.

Wasn’t much of a good experience if it seemed a bit complicated in the beginning. Sure it’s an arcade game and it seems pretty cool especially with the storyline and characters waiting to be unlocked but the levels seemed to be a bit challenging especially when you’ve tried many times but haven’t passed it yet. Furthermore the game’s a great timekiller but with a bit of tactics this could possibly be a good idea for an arcade game.

Hehe! This game is so cute and so fun!!!! Im new to the game., but im already hooked to it! Altough, there is one problem. I spend 300 coins andit says new hamster and new hamater ball, but i only get the hamster ball. Please fix this problem soon. Im not hating on the game, but im still hooked and i still love the game!

The games pretty nice,tho very laggy.but i dont care with that lol,.,., *^* also not hating the game but please do put a message not to use hamster balls cause they are dangerous.other than that loving the game!

Good grafecs good sound soundtrack and amazing gameplay can’t coment on the story cus I haven’t gotten to all the world and one title for a world seems to hint at story

I love hamsters this game is amazing the controls are a little hard though but I love it anyway

Fun game, incredibly pretty visuals! All you could expect really

Fun, cute, asome never going to stop playing this game!!!! . But is it offline??????

I just want this game to have five stars and it’s fun and cute sooooo… download it

I love rodents lol so 5 stars also super fun

Latest Update :

Time measurement correction.
Process so that time does not pass when moving to the next map.

UI improvement.
Addition of directing when the key is held up to the maximum amount of ownership.

Fixing the bug.
Fixing the problem of hamsters shaking and moving on some smartphones.
Fixed a bug in which a game clear and a game over occur simultaneously in a specific situation.

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