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[Game] Super String

Super String  Recruit and train a variety of unique Agents  and lead them to battle in Super String, an RPG that maximizes the fun of collecting and strategizing.

Take up the mantle of Commander, lead a team of webtoon super heroes,
and save humanity from the clutches of a formidable foe!

Game Features

Recruit and Train Them All!
Recruit and train over 100 unique Agents and build up your ultimate team!

[Agents] Over 100 Webtoon Heroes come to life in Full 3D
[Types] Craft your own custom deck based on the different Types (Offense, Defense, Specialist, Support)
[Progression] Upgrade your Agents’ Levels, Star-Levels, Skills, and more
[Equipment] Maximize the impact of strategic Skills through Gear/Core Equipment

Master the Strategy and Outwit Your Opponents
Understand your Agents and overwhelm your foes on the battlefield
with flawless strategies

Become the Commander and Lead Your Heroes to Victory!
From the engaging [Campaign] Mode
to [R.A.I.D], [Abyss], and Real-Time [PVP] Modes!
Take command of your heroes and unleash their powers through the various game modes!

Immerse Yourself in Full-3D Cinematics!
Witness a compelling story unfold
through immaculately directed cinematics!

Optional Permissions
Photos/Media/Files: Required in order to save error logs in the event of identification/correction of errors in certain situations.

Turning Off Permissions
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Allow or deny permissions
Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade your operating system to turn off permissions or delete the app entirely.
The app may not request permissions separately, and you may have to turn off permissions as described above.
It is recommended that you upgrade to Android 6.0 or higher, as you will not be able to set optional permissions separately in lower versions.

Recommended System Requirements: 3GB RAM (Galaxy S8 and above)

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Super String user reviews :

I love this game. That being said, you have GOT to make more battles skipable. The time investment just to do daily quests is ridiculous, let alone go forward in the game. Also, you make passing conditions nearly impossible because you put too many enemies for available operational commands. Fix those and this game would be 6 stars for me.

Game has high quality animations and models. Good gameplay and lots of good team building aspects. But there are a few things that need change. 1. Gold a currency in the game is very scarce and costs for upgrades become astronomical quickly. 2. Nanobots a necessary currency to upgrade skills is basically so rare that it would take a few months for a f2p player to skill up a whole team. 3. Pvp bots are ridiculously overpowered and pvp rewards are so low that it’s almost not worth doing anymore

No community is a bummer. It’s like playing the game alone with bots. Very less player base. After playing for few days. I think story mode is way lengthy which shoudnt be. Next is attack animation gets boring but we can’t skip it. Also there is no option to disable those animations.

I’ve entered this fray with zero background knowledge of this Super String universe but I actually am preferring it this way. All of the characters have zero background bio for me to read In Game but I actually don’t mind that at all.. weirdly this game is hitting all the right spots for me.

It’s all fun until you start to find +15 lvls in arena, I mean days and dozens of tries without a chance of winning, gg Good game for a couple of weeks until the gold and XP grind turns unbearable. Shame, good graphics and Gameplay, the rest is the same p2w as usual

Only just started playing and I am absolutely loving it animation is beautiful and moves are excellent loads of free stuff given so I dont feel left behind looking forward to summoning more agents!!! Great game!!!!

Game isn’t bad ,it’s actually pretty good ,th3 graphics are fine ,but the translation is awful, i have no idea what’s going on.

Excellent graphics and character animations. Clever concept of turn based tactics. Not pay to win either. Good job devs.

The game is very F2P friendly game at the beginning, but eventually, it starts to disappear and resources run dry, especially gold. This is expected with this game so no big grip there. My grip is that the names for characters and their equipment do not match so it took me 2 weeks to realize that I had an EX equipment for a character as the names on them were slightly different. Also, the alliance system where you lose all your alliance coin is kind of dumb, and honestly, it should at least default to giving you the xp cans for whatever coin you have when you leave. I think this is dumb because I know some of us are going to see the warning before leaving the alliance as “are you really sure you want to leave?” that many other games of this type do, and not necessarily see that we lose all our alliance coins in the process.

Very nice character models, collect sexy lady’s and cool guys for your combat team very free to play friendly. Don’t really like the puzzle element for the story missions, it was fine at the beginning but gets to complicated later on (I just want to beat stuff up with my team). If it wasn’t for that this would be a 5 star game.

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