Super Tank Rumble – Enter the worldwide arena now

[Game] Super Tank Rumble – Origin

Super Tank RumbleCompetitors from every corner of the globe are ready to take you on!

Construct your Ultimate Battle Tank and enter the worldwide arena now!

Rise to the top!
Be the supreme tank commander!

Super Tank Rumble user reviews :

Just great. There’s no ads that are forced, infact they limited the amount of user ads you can watch! I did lose my original tank rumble account, but that just means I can experience this gem again! This is absolutely the best game of you want to build really any vehicle to your desire. But in summary, you get to do whatever you want without getting any ads every 10 seconds. Mobile game devs really need to follow this game’s steps, even if it isn’t a sandbox game because all they do is force ads

  • We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the game. Please continue to enjoy it. Thank you.

Normally I would give 1 star for this but I’m hoping this issue will be swiftly resolved so I’m giving 3. The game crashes after around 30 seconds after launching, UI is stretched out and the buttons are in the wrong places. I thought it was because of the “When using medium or high graphic options, the game will utilize the maximum resolution of your device.” change but changing the graphics to low didn’t help.

  • If you encounter any issues while playing the game, please send the details and screenshots to our customer support email at We will assist you in resolving the issue. Thank you.

Stove shut down their servers for this game so I was never able to get a code to upgrade my account. Lost 2 years worth of progress, and I’ve never been aware of them transfering the game and now that I’m aware I’m like a week late. I didn’t follow the game and every single progress update on their Facebook account so I guess that means it’s fair for me to lose years worth of progress.

  • After the decision to shut down the STOVE server was made, we were only able to secure a three-week period for account transfers. Due to data protection laws, if you did not consent to the transfer within this period, your data was deleted. We lament the loss of your account. We are sorry.

Amazingly great though r.i.p the orginal now it gives me only one medal every finished battle cheaters are getting to the stadium/super rank fast they may be modifying the amount of medals they earn from hacks or changing the code overall amazing just needs more weapons frames etc also there is a bug that allows players to make blueprints with no items other than. That it’s amazing just need the no item blueprints to be fixed younger audiences may get tricked into wasting the in game currency.

  • We are preparing an update to improve the matching rules by the end of this month. If you know how to reproduce the bug, please send a video clip to our email at We will try to reproduce and fix it. Thank you.

I’m giving 5 stars because it gave me 10000 Coins and 2000 Gems at the first when I opened this to transfer my Stove account to this Origin. But… I think it has a bug. When I try to buy a tank from the market or check logs, the game crashes… I hope that you will fix this bug. Thank you.

  • The issues you mentioned have been fixed. By updating to the new version, you can enjoy the game smoothly. Thank you.

When will the games MAJOR BUG that points and levels doesnt even shows on the tanks parts and leveling also doesnt show the exp bar and blueprints when bought gets glitched out and says that “the blueprint is saving” and I waited a whole day and it still says that and randomly I get no coins from attacking which makes me go to debet since attacking cost u coins and in return I should get double some times the coins I do not get back i don’t know how this works and thats,ill tell more later if.

  • We have identified a malfunction in some UI elements while updating the game engine to the latest version. We plan to provide an update to fix this issue within the next week. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I played this game since 2017, I will be forever to loyal to this game. But I have runned with some issue: I can’t press up my victory chest, it refuses to be picked up, this is a glitch I just recently found, please fix this issue. The reason why I rated this game with 4 stars is because of the glitch. I will change my ratings to 5 stars if my issue is solved, thank you very much. Edit: my issue was fixed, thank you

  • If you encounter any issues while playing the game, please send your uid and screenshots to our customer support email at support+supertankrumble[at] We will assist you in resolving the issue. Thank you.

5 stars because I love this game but can you add a system so I can enter account on two devices I did it on one so I thought there is no need for the second one but now it asks me on the second one as well for the same account this one is smoother so I wanted to do this one too

  • This game does not yet support the use of multi-devices. Next month, we plan to create a feature for logging in with Google ID and Apple ID. Once that feature is available, you will be able to use multi-devices. It will take some time, but please wait for it. Thank you.

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