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My Hero Ultra Impact  Welcome to MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT—celebrating the hit TV anime series now in its 5th season!

What you’ll find in MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT:

An explosive battle RPG with heroes and villains you know and love.
Use your heroes’ iconic Quirks and let them shine!
Climb the ranks to be the top hero!

A casual 3-on-3 Quirk battle with your trained heroes and fierce opponents!
Activate Quirks with the tap of a finger.
Build skill chains with your heroes’ Quirks!
Break out your flashy Plus Ultra Moves for the final punch!

It’s on you to develop your favorite heroes’ Quirks!
Train up with U.A. High teachers and Pro Heroes at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ)
Formidable enemies await at the never-before-seen VE Tower!

Put together your team of heroes, use the Quirks to your advantage, and stand bravely against the heinous pursuits of the villains looming ahead!

Relive the tale of My Hero Academia in “Main Quest”!
Follow the story from Izuku Midoriya’s first encounter with All Might, the No. 1 Hero.
See the students of U.A. High Class 1-A grow, watch as USJ faces an onslaught, and compete at the U.A. Sports Festival!
The League of Villains comes striking down, even as Shie Hassaikai becomes a threat.
Experience familiar, memorable scenes from the TV anime and enjoy each and every battle as Deku and his friends aim to become Pro Heroes!

Check out a collection of exclusive illustrations!
Display your favorite Ultra Rare character on your Home screen and watch them come alive with the “Cinemagraphy” feature!
Train your characters to awaken them and unlock new original illustrations.

Customize your Hero Base as U.A. High School, a villain hideout or more!
Invite your heroes and villains to your space!

Test your skills in Ultra Arena!
Challenge other players and battle against their hero teams.
Leverage the Quirks of your carefully trained heroes to win!
Master the game and claim your spot at the top of the rankings.

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This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.

© K. Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project
Licensed by Funimation®
©2020 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

My Hero Ultra Impact user reviews :

I really like this game, the only things I wish were in it as I mentioned in their survey was a wishlist system for rolls (much like in AFK Areana) and a way to use character orbs that you earn after completing those panels of the ability board. Climax Battles and Ultra Hard levels get ridiculously difficult to beat and with how little useful items you can get from a 500 gem rolls, it makes you feel like you shouldn’t even bother. I play this every day but it does frustrate me in these aspects

extremely fun for a mobile game! there’s a LOT to learn but as you go you get more comfortable with it. you never have to put money in if you don’t want to, i’ve played without paying for only a little bit and gotten almost everything i want already. check in for those daily’s!!!

I read through alot of the reviews for this game, and honestly, sometimes companies do this. They might release the game and maybe they realized there were some final adjustments. Or maybe they are trying to hype players up. Many people hated the last game, but I honestly loved it, and with the experiences I’ve had with this companies games in the past, it’s bound to be very good.

Playing some of it-things I like are the style of the characters, the variety and levels of the MHA characters. At some point, obviously like most games, it becomes a lot of grinding to be able to get 3 starts in every level. Luv how when your rank goes up,how much stamina you can hold at once also goes up. Wish there were more ways to get gems/tickets for rolling (ex. A small amount of adds per day or something) but that’s okay. I think its fun personally.

Game is fun so far at least, but do not spend money for this game. Even if you are a whale, please understand that it is garbage in terms of how much money you need to spend for anything. Even a whale’s credits only go so far, especially when the gacha(gambling) rate is so horrendous.

Good game as expected from a gacha focused game. But one of my concerns is that how do i save my account if BandaiNamco services is not available in my country, such a shame that the only way to save your progress is through them when it’s not even accessible. My one suggestion is enable Google play games to store progress and don’t have to worry about loss of data or just enable it. Tl;Dr Bandai Namco account is not available in my country so my progress is

I want to tell a issue that I am facing. I pre registered the global version. Yesterday I can’t play because of server maintenance. But today when I opened the game. Then the puzzle authentication isn’t working. The puzzle was not showing at all. Please fix this problem. I didn’t play this game before but still giving it 4stars.

Latest Update :

Preparation for the new mode “Club” release

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