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Undecember  UNCHANGED – Unchanged Values
Immersive storyline and growth through hunting and farming
Fun and excitement, while pursuing the unchanged values of a RPG

UNEXPECTED – A Perfect RPG Beyond Expectations
Venture through countless maps with diverse themes
And experience the unexpected thrills of combat

UNLIMITED – Limitless Skill Combinations
Surpass the limit by creating thousands of skill combinations from various Skill and Link Runes

UNDEFINED – Freedom of Style
Instead of choosing a class, enjoy building up your own character based on your combat style

UNSTOPPABLE – Endless Contents
From Raids to Guild Battlegrounds!
Test your limits through multiple available contents

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Minimum Requirements
OS Android 7.0 (Nougat) RAM 2GB

Optional Access
The following access is requested upon use.
You may still continue using the service without the specific feature even if access is declined.
Photos/Media/Files: Allows attaching files saved in the device when posting at the Official Community.
External Storage: Required to write game data in the external storage.

How to Remove Access
Android 6.0 or above: Settings > Apps > Select Category > Permissions > Allow or Remove Access
Lower than Android 6.0: Update the OS to Remove Access or Uninstall the App

Information on Paid Contents and Usage

Purchasing paid contents will incur additional charges.
Provider : ⓒ LINE Games Corporation
Terms of Service and Service Period : Refer to the information provided in-game
(If service period is not shown, the game service end date is to be regarded as the service period)
Payment amount and method : Refer to the amounts and methods provided for each content in-game
(Billed amount may differ depending on exchange rate and fees when using foreign currency)
Content provision method : Issued directly to the game account(character) that carried out the purchase
or issued to the Paid Shop Storage in-game
Information on refunds : Refer to Article 5 of the Terms of Service
Compensation for damages and handling of complaints : Refer to Articles 11 and 15 of the Terms of Service
Inquiries : Submitted online through the in-game Support feature

Developer Contact
E-mail : game_service[at]linegames.support
Business Registration Number
Business Address
2F, AP Tower, Teheran-ro 218, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06221
Privacy Policy
Terms of Service

Undecember user reviews :

So far so good for me. Haven’t gotten far enough to know if it’s pay to win or not, but it seems fairly balanced. The gameplay is basically Diablo, with a skill system that’s close to Path of Exile’s. Plenty of variation as far as skills and set-ups. Loot to get and enhance. Has partial controller support, only for combat. Menus must be navigated by touch, which I hope they imporve upon. Don’t like having to put down the controller to pick up my phone just for inventory stuff. Good game so far.

I enjoy the combat in the game and the skill system is a lot of fun. The problem is that there are so many currencies/items that needs to be juggled that the game feels more like a inventory management sim which takes all of the fun out of the game. After a while I just started zoning out and found myself just leveling and not caring for loot at all and at that point the game was over for me. The monetization didn’t seem too bad but I never made it far enough to really know.

It’s an amazing game that plays like PoE. When you can get past the technical issues. One of which I’ve been having is disconnecting while there is lightning storm or when it’s loading all the players around you. Most of the issues experienced can be fixed through tweaking your graphical settings. Despite the issues the game is quite fun.

Played the first time just fine, had a blast. Then when i’m trying to launch the game the second time, it just pure black screen with only the audio’s going. My device definitely meets the spec maximum since it’s easily run on very high settings and it all ran smooth but all of a sudden when i try to launch it again it just shows black screen. I’ve tried everything, including clearing cache, clearing data, re-installing the game, setting up my drivers, but still no to avail

I’ve not experienced any technical issues. Undecember is a great RPG. I wish it would explain some things better in tutorials as I’m left figuring some things out. Also, the checkpoint/portal is usually deep within the level. However, to be fair, it’s a great game with good graphics. It’s challenging in some parts, but it’s not unpassable. I haven’t felt the need to invest much (I think $10 so far) through act 4.This game has real promise. Hopefully some things get cleaned up on updates.

This game is most definitely very well made and has so much depth in the character customization as far as skills, class and playstyle is concerned. I’m honestly a little overwhelmed with how much you can do and customize with your skills and gear. which actually brings me to the reason I’ve given 4 stars instead of 5. although there is a lot of customizing to be done, the learning curve is pretty high and I’ve struggled with figuring things out extensively. I’m sure it will come with time tho.

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