Underhand – Ever wanted to start your own cult

[Game] Underhand

UnderhandUnderhand : Ever wanted to start your own cult?

Or wished you could summon eldritch horror-terrors from the abyssal depths from whence we all came? Well here’s your chance!

Underhand is a CCG (Cultist Card Game) that puts you into the role of a cult leader.

Your job is to manage your cult’s resources effectively as you respond to different event cards drawn from the deck. How you respond to these events will determine how far you’ll go– will you succeed in summoning one, or maybe even all of the Ancient Ones? Or will you be just another would-be upstart falling prey to the trials and tribulations of time? Only you can decide!

A unique take on a familiar concept – Cultaku

Astoundingly innovative! There’s nothing quite like it – Non-Euclidean Reviews

The visuals alone are incredibly impressive, let alone the gameplay – Daily Foresight

Really eye-catching, and the premise is just phenomenal – Lovecraft Life


Whether you’re facing a treacherous obstacle or encountering an unexpected boon, every decision you make has tangible consequences manifesting as the current state of your hand. Underhand will have you on the edge of your seat as you walk the tightrope between having too many resources and not enough.


With stunning, almost eerie visuals and sound, the stage is set for the perfect atmospheric experience. Every now and then, the in-game radio will react to your choices and broadcast the game-world’s current state of affairs as affected by you, mastermind cult leader supreme– all so you can keep up with the latest happenings and make more happenings… well, happen.


Do you know any other games that let you run a cult? How about ones that also let you summon unfathomably monstrous deities? Or ones that let you do both of those packaged into one wholesome, sleek, mobile card game experience? Whatever else you want to say about Underhand, it’s irrefutably the first of its kind. Play now, so you can proudly proclaim that you were into it well before it amassed a cult following!

Underhand user reviews :

A very unique experience! The concept is amazing and it provides a great balance of challenge and progress. The difficulty is basically perfect! My only problem is the slight repetitivness… If there were a few more cards, it might provide a greater variance, which would make this game virtually perfect! Other than that, fantastic game! Beautiful art, by the way!

Fun concept and cool art. Some bugs, like freezing if you use foresight if there aren’t at least 3 cards to draw, and how you can discard progression cards and end up stuck. Would also suggest a way to double tap the option you want to automatically select cards without dragging, and a setting that removes/speeds up the animation. Completing all six god progressions was anticlimactic. Still, an enjoyable couple of hours.

It is an awesome game! Would totally pay for it if it had the option. Great graphics, wonderfully stylised, and overall a good concept. The only things I would change it that it has a small glitch when you “look into the future” in that sometimes it will just go blank. Also, I wish there was more. After getting all the cards it felt a lot less good.

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