West Gunfighter – Different horses and weapons to help you on the journey

[Game] West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter  Are you ready to take part in the #1 exciting 3D western adventure?

Explore the open world in an Old West of kill-or-be-killed frontier as a western cowboy now!

West Gunfighter is the game where Wild West is as real as it gets. Play as a cowboy or cowgirl, you’ll tackle missions, earn rewards, challenge & duel to take out bandits, and find hidden loot. Or you can just ride a horse, drink at saloons and enjoy the land’s beauty. It’s all your call!

Game Features:

Customizable cowboy characters with dozens of clothes
Hundreds of various activities in the game
Different horses and weapons to help you on the journey

West Gunfighter user reviews :

This game is fun and have a lot of levels to play , not only their grapic is nice comparing most of game of which even needed to high amount of data .but have some problems , this have not process to appoint to hide in this game. so i have to face many difficulties at facing our enemy in this game . So we have to spend lot of money of which we played more levels to protect my health … I thinks someone who process this game can be able to reduce this problems ,if so , i can give all stars

One of the best games in low size, it’s crazy you have so many features in it, buying guns and items, Finding hidden objects, selling them to get money or Diamond , Entering Grave to fight zombies and much more.

Its really a great game but it needs to have a more open world kinda theme. Adding more horses and characters would be awesome as well. And it would be cool if you could rope horses and then break them.

If the credits are true then I am thrilled to say you guys made a great game that I’m still playing and willing to spend a few dollars to keep content coming. ( I hope). I do not give too many 5strs to games much. I personally feel that this game has earned them. Please continue to make more content and games. Thank you

This is the best game ever! Very cool graphics and it is very nice game! I hope you can develope “GTA” game just like this nice! I really loved it… you know what is the best thing of this game it was an small mb game not like the other big mb and it sucks but this one is the best thx developer! Keep it up

This is you called game. Low using byte but game so fun and amazing. This game developer can go futher if he keep release game like this. Fun and addicted game but using less byte memory. May the game creator and developer become rich!

Could have been better….Please make an updated version of it and making more missions ,online groups….Increasing the area,guns etc…And friends could play missions or challenges together….Please take my this suggestion….Surely you would develop a fantastic game getting more than 100 million downloads….This games concept is very good…Loving playing it..Thank you for making this awesome game.

It’s an amazing game I wish you could add more areas or have bandits attack you randomly just to create a more competitive environment…oh and add more gun.

I had to lower my rating for this game. I really enjoyed playing this game but the more I play the more I see how much the game lacks. My biggest complaint is the weapons…they just aren’t that powerful. Even after you upgrade them completely, they just lack power. It takes way too many shots to kill enemies, animals, zombies and monsters. I own the best weapons in the game and fully maxed out, they just suck to put it simply. The other weapon complaint is the shotguns. The pump action shotgun holds two shots and the riot shotgun (which weirdly is skinned to look like a Winchester 92 or 94) holds two shots. They are equal in power, range and capacity so the only question is, why have both? Why not get rid on the riot shotgun and turn it into a lever action rifle like it is skinned? Put a double barrel coach gun in its place and add capacity to the pump action shotgun. The game play is good besides the under powered firearms. This could be a great game if the developers put a little effort into it.

Please will be excellent if you add weather effects such as rain snow fog and river and add train too many tall buildings

t’s the best offline game ever thanks. But please add more monsters and animals also new locations . Thanks

Latest Update :

Fixed some crash issues of the game. Thanks.

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