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Williams PinballWilliams Pinball : Experience a dazzling collection of classic premium pinball tables such as Fish Tales™, Medieval Madness™, Attack from Mars™, Junk Yard™, The Party Zone™, Black Rose™ and The Getaway High Speed II™ with more tables on the way!

Each table is playable in its original form or in a remastered version featuring newly created 3D interactive characters, side wall art and more, bringing these classic tables to life like never before!
Zen’s Pro Physics simulation provides the most authentic pinball experience available.

From the makers of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, Star Wars™ Pinball, Aliens vs. Pinball, Bethesda® Pinball and more!


Pro Physics delivers the most realistic mobile pinball experience available
New tables added frequently
Global leaderboards
Single-player challenges
Table customizations


The Bally/Williams licence and Zen Studios are truly a match made in heaven.

The Sixth Axis
Each of the tables is perfectly recreated here and it’s simply astonishing the level of detail that Zen Studios have achieved.

Digitally Downloaded
As with all Zen Studios titles, the physics are spot-on.

Any fan of pinball of any skill level should add this to their collection.

Williams Pinball user reviews :

Perhaps the best pinball app available, but it’s not without it’s shortfalls. The pinball experience feels authentic and the different tables and score goals are interesting and varied. However, I have consistently encountered issues with the app connecting to the game servers, sometimes making it unplayable for hours. I have come back to this game many times because I like the tables and daily challenges, but I’m always reminded of the frequent server downtime.

The tables are really nice and mostly true to their original but are sometimes just no fun to play because you have to unlock pro ball physics. You can unlock this by playing challenges or paying money. Sadly, most of the time you’ll get error messages while trying to fetch data after or before you play challenges. This means you get no reward. There are also some bugs with the tables. Like in Road Show where the tiny left hand flipper likes to twist out of alignment, which will ruin your run.

The game is awesome, unfortunately due to bad server connection I will give only 2 stars. It’s really disturbing that everytime you change a screen, you need to fetch data again and again. Everytime you complete a challenge, it goes back to the first screen and then you loose connection. I played the game a lot and then stopped because of this. I’m not even sure if it will be fixed as it seems there is no update since over an year now.

  • Hi Quadrado Bola! Thank you for your report and sorry for the inconvenience!​I forwarded this issue to the relevant people so we can look into it! Hopefully, this is due to a temporary server error.​Thank you for your patience, I hope we can get to the bottom of this! Best regards, Zen Studios

The tables here make Pinball Arcade’s representations look like chumps, everything is top notch. However, when entering this app I expected something more similar to Zen Pinball’s store. I just want to buy and play my pinball. Luckily I can buy them all at a flat price… for three days only. I’m not a very big fan of this unlocking approach, especially when you only have one or two tables unlocked (which is a very long time, by the way). Three stars because the pinball is just crazy good.

Amazing tables and a great chance to enjoy them without paying. Great physics, reasonable pricing (if you DO decide to pay) and an all around blast. Low reviews are most likely the butthurt Pinball Arcade fanbase. But, really, who the hell cares what they think? Trust me, if you love pinball, put this on your phone.
  • Zen Studios
  • Glad you are having fun Andrew!
having played both the real fishtales & a version on a high end PC running Pinmame I will say this is prety close to the original. it gets a little bit boggy though when playing multiball but thats more of a fault of the hardware than the coding. Any chance of T2 pinball pretty please?
  • Zen Studios
  • Hello Jim, thank you for the review. T2 would be amazing to have in the library, hopefully we can get the right some time in the future.

Have to say not impressed with the emulation. Why Williams chose to end their contract with pinball arcade for this is baffling. The pinball arcade tables feel more real and look much better. The speed, colors and overall feel to these tables is all flash and no substance. Then to top it off with all the gimicks this app does with tables is at best laughable. I will stick with my pinball arcade tables. What where those Williams people smoking lol.

Nice i like the game its so much fun and new idea its not let you get bored from playing wonderful graphics and good physical control but please make it rotate like others zenpinball tables for wide view and camera run after the ball inside in playfeald play mouuwahhhh :-) ^_^
  • Zen Studios
  • Awesome, thank you!

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Fixed an issue regarding select purchases

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