Word Land – Travel to idyllic landscapes

[Game] Word Land – Crosswords

Word LandA word game that will really blow you away!

Finally, a game that takes you places! Change of scenery guaranteed!


Simple and accessible: slide your finger on the letters to make a word.
Superb backgrounds: travel to idyllic landscapes!
Over 1,000 puzzles in 8 languages.
Regular updates constantly improve the game.
Thousands of hidden words to unlock thanks to our comprehensive dictionaries! Win coins with each bonus word you find.
Play offline, anywhere, anytime!
Need help? Use your coins to uncover a letter or word.
Solve the daily puzzle and take part in the weekly Bingo to win coins!


Contact us: support+wordland[at]iscool-e.com

Word Land user reviews :

Love that clues are 25. as I’ve gotten in advanced stages there are some nonsense words. still this is one of the most fun games I have played. only problem is the game has restarted after i was well into advanced levels with 5 and 6 thousand bonus points. this is the third time i have had to restart the game. In world 23, C,. there was word _uckers. you need to eliminate words like this. this should be family friendly.

This game is the same ole, same ole spelling words from letters. Just like a million others! Its two redeeming qualities are the ads pass fairly quickly and the scenery is pretty. What disgusts me is that I downloaded what I thought was a different approach, which I viewed and downloaded from an ad. what a shock when it opened up to the same boring game! I will be getting rid of it!

The game continually gets stuck on a white screen that does nothing! You can buy hints. No help. Hit back key. Nada. You have to exit the game for at least an hour, sometimes much longer before the screen will appear so you can play

I rate this two stars because I really love this app but the really problem is every level the ads was always popping and when I am playing the game the ads always interrupt my play. I know that you need to have ads on yoir game but please maintain and minimize the amount of ads. I really like this app but I think I will just find another app that has a less amount ads. Bye Word Land.

I have been playing this game for a while, however it keeps randomly starting over. I get some do you accept message and I lose my place and it starts back at the beginning. Very frustrating. I love the game but I’ve started over too many times now.

So far it’s similar to other games of this tyoe. Just a note to the developer…do NOT use white lettering on a light blue background if you expect people to read it. It’s impossible to read. Thanks. I just want to add that the backgrounds are stunning! Makes for an enjoyable experience.

I’ve always enjoyed crosswords and word scrambles. This game allows you to play both, and even rewards you for extra words. The backgrounds and sound effects are nice as well. Just easygoing fun, I like it!

I have been playing this came for several months now. I am up past the Professor section, already past the Phd and other sections. This came is challenging and fun and no, I do not use a dictionary or other means to look up words. Guess I just know them and it is a challenge to bring them to the forefront in this 73 year old mind. I waste more time playing this game than I should, but it does challenge me and it is fun to realize just how much control I have of the English language.

How many words are there in a word? a lot of words are built of the same letters, so a lot of levels have the same solution subset. it takes dedication to make it past the silly super simple levels at start. i wish it showed a list of extra words i found as i play thru each level. the dictionary tab is great, when i make up words & they turn out to exist! except that some words don’t have definitions on wictionary, which makes me skeptical that I’m not just scoring on making stuff up.

Same engine as some of the other word games from this developer. It’s a good engine, so no complaints there. But why on earth does it keep cycling through the same words? I encountered numerous repeats. And when presented with BATTLED for the third time in 2 days, I decided it was time to uninstall.

I actually love the game but I end up using a hint for a word only to discover I’d already put the word in and it has been rejected and it happens all the time with this game. it also keeps telling you to watch a video and then saying no videos are available, multiple types of dictionaries used because many words are spelled incorrectly and used in this app I have 5th Year University English , spelling the word right as rite because of these issues I don’t purchase anything from the app

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