Bouquet of Words – Uncover beautiful backgrounds

[Game] Bouquet of Words

Bouquet of Words Discover the most beautiful of word games!

Finally a lovely game of letters with a careful visual design worth of a work of art! Your eyes will thank you!


Simple and intuitive: slide your finger over the letters to make a word.
Uncover beautiful backgrounds!
More than 5000 puzzles in 8 different languages.
Continuously improved via updates.
Thousands of hidden words to uncover thanks to incredibly expansive dictionaries. Each bonus word you find earns you coins.
Play off-line, anywhere, all the time!

Give yourself a nice little break to relax and think!


Contact us: support+bouquetofwords[at]

Bouquet of Words user reviews :

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months and really enjoy it. I was particularly drawn to it because of the beautiful flowers. And I was so disappointed recently when the real flower pictures were changed to cartoon like backgrounds. I’m hoping they will once again change to the original beauty.

  • Hello Carole. Thank you so much for your feedback about our new update. We have decided to rework Bouquet in its entirety to provide a more interesting and beautiful visual experience for our community. In addition, we’ve improved the game’s capabilities to ensure that older phones can support the application. Have a great day!

The new update is “girlie”. The previous update had an educator look about it. I’m a teacher, and I prefer the previous update. Thank you.

  • Hello. Thank you for your feedback regarding the update of Bouquet of Words. We have decided to rework Bouquet in its entirety to provide a more interesting and beautiful visual experience for our community. In addition, we’ve improved the game’s capabilities to ensure that older phones can support the application.

2 letter words do not earn bonuses. You have to find the exact 2 letter words the program wants to progress. Dictionary is a good idea, but could be improved by allowing checking of bonus words. Advertisers should respect the “sound off” setting. We turn it off for a reason. I do watch ads as a way of paying you back, but those with sound that cannot be switched off get short shrift. Finally, good game but too easy. Your Garden of Words is much better.

This app was great until the last 5 times that I found more than 10 bonus words in each of these games!! Your app will no longer let me double the points on my bonus words! 5 times in a row, come on, that’s not a mistake or a glitch! The first time it happened it wouldn’t even let me collect the points at all, let alone doubling them! It’s just a frustration that I don’t need since when I sit down to play a game, it’s usually to relax!! Probably going to delete!!

Although fun to play, way too too many ads!!! It’s ridiculous that every time you need a hint you have to sit through the same 30 second ads, more than once if you don’t have enough coins. I wasting more of my life watching these ads rather than playing the game!! Although I like the game, I will be Uninstaller for this reason!! Along with the other games that do the same, just not worth the time!

it’s very easy to play and it’s really good to work on your spelling

  • Hello Susan. Thank you very much for your positive comment. Don’t forget to play regularly to build up your brain power.

Often shows how you can overlook some basic elementary words

  • Hello Ray. We’re happy to see our game helps you remember a few words. Be sure to share the game with all your friends. Have a nice day.

easy at first then gets harder and harder,Super Fun,in app purchases are reasonable too! Thanks! Upon playing for a little while,Too Many Ads!! 1 after every two puzzles,one puzzle only takes 30 secs – minute,so u can see how irritating that is! You can remive ads for 3 bucks…..

Happily playing many levels. Until I tried watching video ads to get more coins. The game lets me watch the video alright. And I presume the author of this game gets a remittance for having done so, but everytime I try to collect the coins the app goes blank and when it returns – no coins! Other than this I will stop playing now.

it is very challenging which is interesting but these 30 seconds to 1 minute commercials every time you answer one is not cutting it. You play 30 seconds and then wait for the advertisement to get out of way so you can go back to play another 30 seconds. The lengthy advertisements are very discouraging.

I loved the game when I started but at some point I noticed that the tab that gives points for watching ads disappears in the evening for the rest of the night. It’s irritating when I can’t finish a game because of one word. Do staff go home? You would get 5 stars if that was fixed.

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