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[Game] World of Logic Puzzles

World of Logic Puzzles  For you we have created amazing riddles, by solving them, you will train your thinking, open new doors and continue your journey around the world.

Solve puzzles, ciphers, look for patterns, conjure with a genie and much more! All of this – is to get the key and open the doors.

Immerse yourself in this interesting and exciting world of secrets and mysteries. Solve puzzles, search for hidden objects, train your logic and plan your escape!

From the developers of the popular puzzle: 100 Doors Seasons.
Now available 50 doors – puzzles!

Puzzle Games – Thought-provoking fun
Find items – Find hidden objects
Amazing HD Graphics!
Relaxing Music
Regular updates of new worlds!
Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family
No WIFI? No Internet? – Offline-games, without Internet, without WiFi
Logic games – Puzzle games
Free puzzles – Free games!

Bonbeart – we make interesting games!

Escape from the world!

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World of Logic Puzzles user reviews :

no way to get the hint or skip that level ,and if you skip the level you will never know the solution …so l watched 5 videos to get 1 hint and still did not get it but finished all my gigas !!! cheers for the “free” game

love the puzzles but need hints some times, skip a few levels when i get frustrated not knowing what the game wants me to do

This game is pretty fun. Some are really easy while others take some time to figure out.

Idea of game is really good and useful to be able to skip level as some seem to be impossible to solve – suspect there are still some bugs in there. However what’s really frustrating is that there is no way to get the solution – so if you cant do a level you just skip it and that’s it – you cant see where or why you went wrong. Please can you add this feature ? Then my rating will improve for sure as will my enjoyment at playing the game !! Thanks
  • Bonbeart Games
  • Thanks for your feedback. We plan to add tips to the game!
really good, before downloading it, i saw some 1 star reviews saying that it is not intuitive, it’s so not True! if you expect a tutorial on how to solve a puzzle, it defies the purpose of a puzzle!!! and the game is not for you. if you want to challenge your mind, it’s PERFECT! and the first puzzles are easier so you get the concept very quickly
  • Bonbeart Games
  • Hello, thank you for the nice feedback about our game! We hope that we will not disappoint you in the future.

I like having to figure out the object of each puzzle but some are way too easy and others are so difficult that it gets frustrating and I just want to move on to the next puzzle. If I skip a level it would be nice to see the solution. Also a hint would be helpful so maybe I won’t have to just skip the level. For those of you who are having trouble with level 37, read their reply more carefully. Some are addition and some are multiplication. Depends on the orientation of the X in each equation.

I love the game – it is really fun! But it is 4 stars as level 22 is completely different on my phone to any online solutions (I had to Google as I had no idea what to do – which makes sense now as it seems I cannot complete it!) Please can you fix this as I love the idea, concept and how it runs but this is really frustrating!!
  • Bonbeart Games
  • 22. There is a leaf hanging over the door, pull it out. There the cipher of shots on targets is indicated: in the smallest target there should be one arrow, in a target of larger size – two arrows and so on (the order of shots is not important)

Great boredom buster game There are 50 doors to work your way through. Some are easy, others I had no idea about. Fun and challenging, worth ago. If you get stuck, then you can look on YouTube or skip the room by watching an advert. No purchases needed to play. Completed very quickly, can you please make more doors to open ?? Maria x

Good fun, not too hard, not too easy. Really enjoyed it. Pity there is only 50 doors… ;-) No ads, or very few that you can skip right away, so very pleasant! If you want to skip a level (done it only for one level!), just one 30 sec ads to watch and that’s done. Really happy with this experience!
  • Bonbeart Games
  • Hello, thank you for the nice feedback about our game! We hope that we will not disappoint you in the future

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