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Wysa  Sleep by Wysa is your go-to app when you want to sleep well.

If you want to get deep slumber but can’t, because of a negative thought or worries troubling your mind, sleep mindfulness by Wysa is here to give you some headspace & provide sleep aid as sleep stories with relaxing sounds that you need to sleep better. Sleep stories, including bedtime stories, help you breathe, calm down, relieve stress and shut eyes with ease. Meditation helps you relax and sleep well with all the tools that are provided by this sleep relaxation app.

Listen to a different sleep story every day to fall asleep on your comfy pillow. Sleepy time tales are the best things that could happen when sleep is miles away from your eyes and you are not sleepiest. Relive the comforting nostalgia of bedtime stories with soothing sleep stories for grown ups as they help you drift into sleep.

Studies show that writing a diary at bedtime can make you calm and free head space that can be a real sleep booster to help you sleep better and fall asleep quickly. Practising gratitude before going to sleep can provide you a good night’s sleep and help you rise up with energy and a hopeful frame of mind. After a deep sleep, waking up is easy with the morning routine of Wysa App.

Wysa Sleep App offers various calming sounds & stories. You will find many Stories with sleeping sounds – rain sound, ocean, thunderstorm, ambient white noise, soft murmur & nature sounds to help with restless sleep and insomnia. Free Sleep stories and sound machine can help you improve your sleep cycle. Put your body into auto sleep mode with a few day’s practice of sleep meditation, relaxing sounds and white noise. If you are looking for the best sound sleep app, then you have found the right one for deep sleep.

Won the best app of 2020 on Google Play Store

Featured for World Mental Health Day – in 2018 and 2019

Has helped more than 1 million people

Use CBT-i for insomnia and journaling to sleep well

Record how your sleep went every morning with Wysa’s sleep tracker. To improve the sleep cycle power nap can be a godsent tool. All the exercises are created to help sleep and to stay asleep. However, we do not claim to help patients who snore or have sleep apnea but there’s no harm in trying.

Mindfulness starts with breathing. Breathing exercises are one of the most underrated techniques to be calm, which you will get in this mindfulness sleep app free.

Deep sleep sounds good when sleep deprivation kicks in. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is a proven technique that can do wonders for insomnia and adhd. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. For extra support, you can avail of guidance from psychologists – Wysa Sleep Coaches. Coaches who can help you deal with different issues related to sleep using CBT-I. Sessions with sleep coaches will be aimed at moving towards healthier bedtime sleep habits and finding strategies that will work for you.

Have a look at how Wysa can help you improve your sleep quality when you are sleepiest
Bedtime stories to fall asleep: Enjoy calm sleep with sleep stories by Wysa
Relax, focus and sleep peacefully with the help of mindful sleep meditation free
Wysa’s calm sleep booster app helps to get better sleep and head space
Practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to sign off the day on a high note
30+ coaching tools which help in dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Loss, or Conflict
Wysa is the calm app you need for meditation and sleep. It helps you to stop, breathe & think, making it an effective sleep booster
Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety: deep breathing, techniques for observing thoughts, visualization, and tension relief
Dealing with worry: observe mindfulness & practice breathing techniques. Use wysa to meditate and stay calm

Give it a go!

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Wysa user reviews :

Love the stories! Would love more about beaches and my very own select a story from a bottle idea that I submitted a while back. Example: if you need comfort, select that theme, relaxation, romance, family, etc. The bottle is always on the beach and you choose what is most interesting for your night. I love them all.

This app is super helpful! It has stories, free daily meditation help, anxiety salvation, and even an online therapist (which you have to pay for) what I love about this app is that wysa owl can actually chat with you which really puts a smile on many people’s faces. Not only is the app super helpful but easy to use! It has an easy working system and even has a quick meditate moment for relaxation! This app is the best app I have seen so far! For sleep, anxiety and relaxation! Thanks wysa

I use the deep sleep module, and it helped me relax and rest like I hadn’t done in a long time. The voice on the audio is very soothing and the exercises help you keep focused on what you are doing. Great app for sleep

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