Your Dry Delight – A historical romantic comedy

[Game] Your Dry Delight (BL/Yaoi game)

Your Dry Delight  Summary

Richter and his boss, Leslie, are private detectives hired to help enforce Prohibition in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, when Richter catches the eye of a charismatic mob boss, a different story falls into place…


Your Dry Delight is a small, noncommercial game by Argent Games! As a historical romantic comedy, it focuses primarily on a lighthearted atmosphere, but we’ve also taken pains to be historically accurate and touch on some deeper themes related to Prohibition.

Your Dry Delight also features a somewhat different approach to routes: while there are technically 2 romance routes, they tie together at the end of the story, resulting in a single ending.


Genres: BxB romance, Roaring 20s, comedy, drama
Price: Free!!
Platforms:, Google Play, Steam!
Rating: PG-13
Length: 20,000 words


Dovah: Design, writing, GUI, programming
Gamma: Management, marketing
xYorutenshi: Sprite art
Lesleigh63: Backgrounds
Piaalit: CGs
Elphie: Key visual art
Paul Mottram, Jason Rebello, Ned Sidwell, Tim Garland, Tim Devine, Francisco Renno, Alexander L’estrange, Ben Parry: Music
FairfaxLeasee: Proofreader

**Some Android phones/versions will not run the game. There is nothing we can do about it.

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Your Dry Delight user reviews :

BEST game I’ve ever played. Wholesome plot, realistic pacing, romance – everything is perfect. Congratulations and thank you for creating such a wonderful game!

It’s a good, fun game that also is completely free to play. There are no ads or microtransactions to find anywhere. The reason it only gets four stars is that it makes you play through both routes before seeing the ending, especially as this is something you find out only after playing through one route, which can take you out of the moment.

One of the best dating games I’ve seen (and, trust me, I’m a teen with too much free time) and I’m only disappointed it was so short (I finished it in a day lol.) The exact year is ambiguous but it really isnt needed. As someone who knows nothing about the 20s the slang seems more accurate than I could ever dream of doing myself. Single handedly the 2nd best (the arcana taking first) free dating game I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I would continue, but I’m out of space, lol.

It’s rare for me to be engrossed to visual novel. It’s not really my thing but this one… I got totally immersed. The story is really good and the more I proceeded, the more I was into it. Also, if I have to be honest, it’s Meyer’s route for me. Both routes’ story are good but Meyer’s just… It ticked all my boxes. Anyway, I’m really glad that I decided to play this. I enjoyed it a lot. You guys did a really good job!

No ads! No dumb gems or tickets! I love this! The glossary is a nice touch and the save system is convenient. The visuals were nice and both routes really conveyed each character. I suggest playing it!

This game was by far one of my favorite visual novel games I have ever played. The characters were very likeable and the mc was not overbearing. I really liked the added description for some terms that not all of us might know meaning of. There were no mistakes in the grammar as to what I have observed which, I really appreciate. The bg music really sets the mood for me. The fact that the game is FREE, has no ads, has absolutely beautiful visuals, and doesn’t charge you to make choices. Love it

Such a beautiful and charming game this is! Despite not being the norm for long it’s still a nice pass time. It’s short and sweet, very fitting

I really liked it a lot! I would recomend it! I dont get the comments with it saying “it says that I havent bought it”. There is no part where you have to buy anything! Its 100% free! Yes short but its free and really good so 0 complains! And I love that they say some things about words we might not know! And if there is a problem with the pictures (extras) just click quit and reopen!

This was actually a very charming game. Well written, thought provoking, my only complaint is that I wasn’t a fan of the Leslie route. Meyer was just such an interesting character and the love scene with Richter was phew. Extremely hot. Interesting the suggestion of them forming a wee polycule tho. Very bold. Surely makes up for my disappointment in the Leslie route.

Normally I am not a big fan of visual novels, but this one got me to want more. I found the story great and the direction done smoothly. The characters are very likeable, even the protagonist. I did both routes and I enjoyed it. If this had it’s own anime, I would gladly watch it. I reccomend you to download it and play it. It’s really fun

Very good game, great graphics, amazing music and above all no grammar mistakes. Love that there are definitions to some of the words and the story is highly enjoyable. If I had to complain, I would complain about how short the game is. Highly recommend this app.

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