Zombie Gunship Survival – Survive the apocalypse

[Game] Zombie Gunship Survival


Experience the power of an AC-130 aircraft and annihilate zombies in this intense shooter.

With a devastating apocalypse having broken out, defend humanity from the skies while building a shelter on the ground to keep out the undead.

High-definition visuals and realistic weaponry await – the fate of humanity is in your hands!

Destroy zombies and protect ground troops in intense scenarios
Unlock a fearsome collection of weapons
Build up your remote airfield as a base for operations
Defend your base against zombie assaults
Unleash hellfire from your gunner seat

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Zombie Gunship Survival is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use these features, please disable in-app purchases in your Google Play settings. According to our Terms of Service, Zombie Gunship Survival is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent. You can read more here: ‘www.flaregames.com/parents-guide/

Zombie Gunship Survival user reviews :

I love the concept but as already written you get stuck after a few hours in the game with not enough firepower to move forward. The only solution is to get loot boxes and like every loot boxes system the rate to get something good is to low to be honest. You are forced to pay, and not a small amount.

Absolutley brilliant! Amayzing graphics, amayzing sound/voice. the zombies should make a sound or something, but take in consideration, the action is from the combat plane so at least when the soldier(s) talks on the radio”im wounded , cover or something like that , you could put some zombie sound in the background of the radio, just a suggestion. Keep up the good work guys !

it’s an awesome game, it is like a training tool for a weapon specialist on a gun ship, controls are the best I’ve encountered in any video game, these gun ships should be utilized more often to battle terrorists in urban situations. They should have 1000’s of these gunships in places like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Africa, any where ISIS, Taliban, or other scum want to pollute the world, they say the “hand of god” well these would be his middle finger. MODERN DAY CRUSADERS!!.

Epic game and the best part is how there is no energy system so you can just play on and on until you are done. 5/5 would easily recommend.

It’s a fun game for wasting some time. No Ads. No pay to win. Just play. Period. They’ve made some changes, good and bad, but overall the game lets you progress at a level that YOU want to progress at. I’ve played for a few years now and my only complaint is the percentage for legendary drops; and epic ones too. They should be bumped up some. Taken me forever to get 2 legendarys, 5.56mm cannon and the 7.62 one as well, but damn give me a launcher or something; still can’t kill that huge

After downing a day’s worth on this game, I can safely say it’s good. It won’t give any immediate satisfaction, so don’t go expecting quick loot and rewards. Instead, look for a slow and steady grind. I can suggest three changes though: 1) you could make on-board sniper guns auto target a small area instead of manning it personally. 2) Give players some key mapping options. I want a dual gun tap or something so I can play with my thumbs. 3) Add arrow indicators for zombie locations.

Awesome game….issue with crate wait times for commen crates at 3 hours when only 4 slots available… little point progressing because you will miss out on more crates and gear…. Besides this… game play awesome.. graphics awesome… very good touch responsiveness.. recomended game for anyone who can handle themselves on a battlefield

Man, I’m super happy with this game. I love a lot of aspects to it. Leveling up weapons, rarities, currency. The one thing that would encourage me play this more is the amount of time to open crates. It’s the only thing I’ve spent gold on. I find myself putting the phone down when trying to kill time while waiting for the crates to open. I don’t want to progress further in the campaign I’m fear of forfeiting crates to advance the upgrades. Other than that, I’m ready for more trigger time.

Latest Update :

Attention Airmen! New challenges ahead!
*New weapons are on the way. Get ready to see them in action!
*New Upcoming Leaderboard Events
*Bug Fixes and System Optimisations

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