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[Game] 8 Ball Billiards

8 Ball Billiards  Play the best offline 8 Ball Billiard game on Android.

No waiting for opponents. You do not need wifi. You play with the best 8 ball pool players. You may become the best of pool players.

Play for coins and level up. Buy new items to improve your skills. Win matches against the bots with high level artificial intelligence. Join the tournaments and increase your rankings.

Become an eight-ball pool legend.

8 Ball Billiards user reviews :

I playing this game. But the thing is, there’s a bug with it. Sometimes, you get a foul even if you hit the lowest numbered ball. And it can cause you to lose the game. And a little more refining with the controls. Overall, it’s a good game.

Best offline pool game ever but I’m rating this game 4 star bcuz…after every ball drops in the hole…it gives a clapping sound… which is very annoying…and it makes me feel wiered… otherwise everything is perfect in this game…I would suggest the producer of this game to avoid the annoying clapping sound

Playing 8 Ball, I potted my last stripe, with only the 8 ball to go. It was declared that I had not potted my own ball, and I could watch a video and try again or allow my opponent next shot. I watched the video and potted my ball again. Same thing! I lost the game because the system didn’t know how the game is played.

This pool game is very enjoyable and not too testing. You get the chance to replay bad shots etc at beginner levels which is very confidence building. The computer opponents vary in skill and the on screen aim control takes patience as it is sensitive and needs practise to work it correctly or you will time default on shots as a beginner. Lots of adverts if you replay shots but they are acceptable as the game is free unless you opt for in game purchases. GREAT ball dynamics overall.

dude, y’all gotta fix whatever bug is causing “player did not hit solid/striped ball, opponent gets ball in hand” when I literally hit AND pocketed the proper ball. otherwise great game, but this bug ruins it.

I played the 9 ball game, and bet all of my coins in it. The computer starts first and he potted almost every ball, then i was declared lost. This game is really suck because the computer is cheating, when the computer break the ball they always potted atleast 1. While when i tried to break the ball none of it was potted, seriously fix the computer
  • SNG Games
  • We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize.

3 stars, the game is fine and oke its just that I keep missing in game gold, I plyed the game I saved 10K to buy that angel pool than I closed the game, reopen it and the gold only 6K left…. And 1 more why you dont have exit button in your app? Fix it this pls thanks

Finally an offline billiard game such fun to play on offline or off grid situation. Really smooth and simple, kudos to developers for still creating an offline games like this, awesome stress reliever.
  • SNG Games
  • Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!

Collision detection needs work. Registers scratch even after you pot a ball. Game states failure to hit your ball.

Everything is all nice in this game but it’s a request to all team members that please remove the clapping sound during play.kindly do the needful ASAP
  • SNG Games
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!
Its pleasure to play billiards I’ll countue to play halfway through then I’ll have more better understanding first part is very relaxing I am giving this too a shot at Ha Haha
  • SNG Games
  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]sngict.com! Have a wonderful day!
Disapointed. I payed for 60,000 coins bought the USA pool stick. And now i dont have the extra coins and the stick i bought. Please fix the problem.
  • SNG Games
  • Hello there, can you please contact us at support[at]sngict.com so we can try to help you? Thank you.

After playing several times i’ve just realized that we’re playing with bots i’ve noticed that when they snookered they will hit opponent’s ball and the cue ball has a ABS when it stopped it”s kind a weird and if u watch carefully when their turns they never spend more times like human players it’s about 2 sec they will hit the ball anyway it’s a fun game

Great game!, more levels and boards
  • SNG Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game!

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