Age of Kingdoms – Wisdom is the key to win this great war

[Game] Age of Kingdoms – Forge Empires

Age of Kingdoms  The best battle strategy game.

Play with millions of online players from all over the world!
Strong army force is essential for ensuring peace! Shape the land, build your Kingdom, train a powerful army.
Wisdom is the key to win this great war!
My lord, our Kingdom is in your hands now. Lead us to the Glory and Victory!


Multiplayer online game
Millions of other players are online to chat, play and fight!
Cooperate with other players in the multiplayer battles!
Build your own kingdom,find more allies and fight for your empire!

Diverse troops and real battle scenes
Exclusive performance for each Swordsman,Archer,Cavalry and Catapult
Legendary troops: Dragon,Pegasus,Medusa,Elven,Griffin and Phoenix

A variety of ways to fight
Take a separate adventure to get huge rewards
Team up with other players to explore Buried Treasure for Gems,Devices and much more items!

Wonderful and diverse events to participate
Dragon Tamer: Eliminate the dragon to win the reward of victory
Alliance Crystal Caves: Alliance fights for crystal caves to get the gem rewards
Dragon Summoner: Summon dragon and win the battle
Dark Knight: Defend the alliance castle,team up with other players to defeat the dark knight
Alliance War: Competing for territory with other alliances,dominate the new continent
Arena: Challenge other players to rise in rank and claim eternal glory!

Forge allinaces with other players
Create an alliance where you can get help from members, and obtain exclusive gifts
Assist each other to defeat the enemy in empire war
Participate in alliance challenge with alliance members to get rewards

Real-time trading system
Trade resources in a real-time online market

Having any problems or suggestions?You can reach us at nutgame2014[at]

A network connection is required to play.
Free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Age of Kingdoms user reviews :

Awesome game just wish for more awesome events and king per server and alliances fighting to rule server for a week or something like that.

The best game to play in this era. With multiple players all over the globe, lots of activities and live chat between players

it is a great experience. You can meet new players, very competive, new events every week and different servers. The more friends you meet there, the more help you can get. Join the top clans and race to the top of the leaderboards to help your alliance and team members. Many mythical troops such as pheonix’s, titans, elven archers. The only thing about this is when you want to swicth accounts or go on a different server, you have to uninstall/ delete the game, log into your account and play.

It a cool game and you make make a strong bond with the alliance that you’re in and it’s great to be in an alliance.You start out low power but as you build and gain power it start to get fun.

Hard to reach decent level if you are in a realm with high level people but game is fun

The only thing I would make better is if you can see the troops going to attack

It will keep you hook with all the challenges throughout the game.

gets more better & challenging on yr upgrading..nice game..

very fun but very time consuming

Best strategy game I’ve played in a long time.

Game and the Graphics very good.

This is a very good game to play and kill time. I like it!

one of my fave games, about the 15th time ive started lol

it cool it keep the fight in you lol gotta learn your troops skill to get best n your battles

Nice Game & Graphics too good.

This is a very good game i play this game over 1 year but today i faced problem my game not opening

Absolutely the best game out there…

An awesome game with best strategies and tactics..loved and addicted..

Latest Update :

Fix some display problems.

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