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Battle Divas Slay Mecha  In the far future, Earth has been polluted by the aftermath of nuclear war, with the last of human civilization moving to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI. Decades later, the first group of students from the Hero Academy onboard Icarus VI was sent back to Earth on a recon mission. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but one inhabited with unimaginable monstrosities…

Game features

No Character Gacha

All heroes in Battle Divas can be obtained through gameplay progression. No character gacha, no character shards!

Real Tactical Gameplay

Rather than just standing still like scarecrows and casting skills, players can actively move their heroes on the battlefield grids. Trigger powerful abilities too!

Defeat Boss Monsters Sections

Position your heroes at different sides of select boss monsters and defeat them by sections! Disable their various skills and lead your team to victory!

Deep Equipment System

Over 400 different equipment parts to collect, including hero-specific and set items which grant powerful and unique abilities!

Variety of PVE and PVP Events

A selection of different gameplay modes to help players collect items and strengthen their teams!

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Battle Divas Slay Mecha user reviews :

This game is a perfect example of what not to do, and how “unique” is not synonymous with “good”. If you like the feeling of making progress and getting stronger as you grind, steer clear of this dumpster fire. They control every aspect of YOUR team by making challenges that require specific characters or elements, which depend on weapon. And since you suck with each weapon unless you grind literal days/weeks to gain weapon Exp, have fun struggling. Not enough characters to go through the list.

Good game, but the max level of your heroes, and therefore your rate of advancement, is tied to the number of weapons you unlock on them. With a 1.5% weapon drop rate in the gacha, good luck getting weapons in the characters you want. You can get some weapons from farming, but to get them you need weapons of specific elements, and guess where you get them? Also, it’s pretty bad not being able to reset your account to at least try and get the weapon you need in the initial free pull.
  • Yatta! Play
  • Hello there! Thank you for trying Battle Divas out. We will do our best to improve the game in the upcoming months!

My new favorite mobile game so far. Not dependent on gacha pulls like so many others, as characters and gear can all be acquired through gameplay. Great character models and a gear system that’s easy to use. Combat is fairly simple, easy to control, and doesn’t have ridiculous difficulty spikes that plague turn-based games. All in all, great job! Would like to see a chat system added, though.

Installed the game. I see the two intro screens so I know the game is working but all I get is a black screen. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Android OS 10. There should be no reason why this doesn’t work. Uninstalled, cleared my phone cache, and tried reinstalling again. I end up with the black screen. Very disappointing.
  • Yatta! Play
  • Hi there! If possible, could you try installing the game on other phone models to see if it works? Apologies for this technical issue!

10/10 – Gameplay 8/10 – Graphics 8/10 – VA Battle Diva is a pretty good game. It has a unique gameplay at least in my opinion. The graphics may not be the best compared to other gacha games but the artwork has a certain charm to it. The gacha rate is pretty generous too and player can definitely obtain good characters without purchasing with real money. In-game purchases are fair and isn’t too OP. All in all this is a great game so far. I hope the developers make this game even better.

Great game but seriously I heard a Japanese voice over on one of the story on chapter 3 and your translation is way off the mark so that means a lot of the story has been cut off.

I like this game because it looks simple at first but it gets tactical later on specially at infinity war where you need a mix of luck and skill. What i want improvements on is when viewing enemy stats, it should also give detailed information like what are the enemy skills and so on. Specially the wolves! They hit you very hard and there is no way to outplay them. Its a sure lose if you encounter them in infinity war.

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