Age of Ottoman – Start with either middle asian Turkish troops

[Game] Age of Ottoman

Age of Ottoman  In this game you fight epic battles by commanding Byzantine or Turkish soldiers.

You gain income as you win battles and will upgrade your soldiers throughout the game.

You can either play epic Ottoman or Byzantine campaign in single-player scenario mode or battle with your friends in local-area-network PvP mode.

By advancing each battle on the anatolian map, you fight through the ages from clan to state. You start with either middle asian Turkish troops, or Byzantine-Rum militia, then advance them to soldiers of Byzantine or Ottoman. You gain special powers which you use in critical situations in battle.

Age of Ottoman user reviews :

The game is simple but incredible. I feel like I was playing age of empires 2: definitive edition. But I recommend skirmish building fortresses, like age of empire. And also add more civilization it would be great…

Pretty fun. Some levels are way too hard to play. Only reached 10th stage before giving up. The detonation levels difficult. Overall it is unique compared to other games, but only fun up until a certain point. Then it just becomes difficult and frustrating.

One of the best strategy I’ve played. It can be played offline, no money freak, no ads, graphics awesome, stories/quests superb, real time tatics/strategy, upgrade weapons and soldiers with earned cash…. It’s freaking awsome and unbelievably great! You deserve a million star.

Amazing game with AOE type feel. Would really appreciate if adding barracks training troops and food forging or economy is introduced in the future. Great job developers!

This game for me is the best!!I personally want to see it upgraded and I will never play any other game. When I play thos game it makes me feel so excited to defend and attack the enemy.I want to see new characters to fight with.

The developer is generous and removed the energy system. However, the resurrection bug is not fixed.

Best game,not confusing no ads,fun to send troops and deploy them,stages too little,i already clear it.Hoping more games like this,any recommendation or is there any part two.

Fantastic game with real statagy involve. You just cant win the battle until you are a perfect planner and analysts. You need to temperament of a commander of an army. When to widraw archers when to use swordmen,all depends on you critical thinking ability. The best part is you can maneuver any part of you army in any direction, may it be cavalry, infantry or artillery.

Great game. Nice missions. Should have more types of soldiers and defences to make the game more interesting.

i like the game but when i reached 2nd last age the stamina stopped to recharge. now i can not fight the battles. when i click to watch the ads for stamina it doesn’t show me any ads. please fix the problem.

Good “free offline war strategy” game. But it needs some improvements in “graphics and controls”.  It will be more fun if the game had building infrastructure and training units. It doesn’t give you “gold” for sharing on Facebook and ads won’t play

Very similar to aoe, but it only focuses on fighting. I would like to see more aoe mechanic. Btw, i love the control.

really great game. you should make it more like age of empires

great game. History is brought back to life.I love to live in it.

Good.. Please Make Game Real And Graphics More Beautiful..Topic:Ottoman of Empires Word Or Abbasid Empire To Technology And Progress ..

world’s greatest game this game is very beautiful

Pretty great game, really feels like aoe, would like to see newer game that is more aoe like

best game,best killing game,best with everything

Best Game. This game is too much better because in this game sounds, graphics and tools are so superb. Even I am so impressed by this game. It is due Battles of States.

it’s a really fun game but I think you should add like building a base,skirmish missions and some graphics…but overall its a really cool it!

Excellent game!!!! some room for improvement. – the AI is very hard to control troops easily go rogue. – it is often difficult to select the right objects. – would love to see possibility to do formations. – would like to have the possibility to plan multiple steps and not just one step per troop at a time.
  • Pilav Prodüksiyon
  • Thank you!
Overall everything is good but only the icons should appear outside the map,it’s a little bit difficult to control the units at the borders and corners of the map.
  • Pilav Prodüksiyon
  • That’s a good review. Thank you

One of the best old school strategy games.. Just loved it.. But provide a mode wherein we can simulate our own battles.. And some more battles in the campaign please

Great game, very addictive. The only problem I have is that the screen can not rotate. Please can you change that.

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